Kidzsearch suggestions (PlEASE LOOK KS!!!)

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asked Nov 13, 2020 in Ask KidzSearch by RocketAlein
Hi KS! I have 3 ideas for your page.

#1. Make it more customizable! Maybe you could chose the color for the background.

#2. Scamming feature you know how you type in your username (web version no account). Well maybe it would identify if that user name has been used to post before on a different device then it wouldn’t let you post with that name.

#3. Being able to use Kidznet without an account. Even just looking through it and not posting would be really cool.

P.S. I LOVE Kidzsearch so don’t let my suggestions make you think otherwise. I just thought of some ideas.

Stay safe and have a fantastic day!


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answered Nov 14, 2020 by kidzsearch (168,220 points)

Hi RocketAlein,

These are all very good suggestions. On desktops you can already change your background and colors settings for the homepage, but we don't yet have it for mobile devices which is something that needs to be done.

The best way to protect your KidzTalk username is to register for an account. Registered users may have an avatar and points next to their name to verify their account. We can look at preventing other people from using a username that is already registered, but it is difficult to identify a "scammer" user, since people use different devices with the same username. Since all posts are moderated, we do block any that don't seem right, but they can be missed if we think it is a valid post, so be sure to flag them if you see something suspicious. However, you need a registered account to flag posts.

You don't need an account to view user profiles. For example, we have a directory of active KidzNet users and clubs. However, making it easier to access sounds like a good idea.


commented Nov 21, 2020 by RocketAlein
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answered Nov 14, 2020 by anonymous
I'm sorry but i cant tell if this is the scammer...
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answered Nov 13, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (123,250 points)
No offense to anons, but I actually think KidzNet is better because it protects from toxicity and scammers.

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