Is it “in” chapter #2

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As I woke up I felt the warm covers on me. “Oh! Gotta go sell rice today!” I thought. Just then, I remembered what had happened. I moved from China. Then I remembered Mary Ann. Dad did say that I could go to get ice cream just, I had to wait until today. It was a dreary raining Monday. Dad drove me to school and dropped me off a old brick school. Strangely it felt like home. My school in China was a beautiful red brick school. I walked down the long, dark hall as I noticed other kids talking and playing, laughing and joking I felt alone. As I walked up the concrete stairs with marks from kids shoes. I saw the office, then I thought of dads words “Go into the office and turn right tell the lady on the chair that you are a new student.” Thinking of him made me cry. I missed my dad, his voice this hugs. I walked into the office crying. I told the lady on the chair miserably that I was a new student. “Hi!” She welcomed me very warmly. Next she said “Would you like a tissue?” “Sure.” I replied. Sit down in this chair she said pointing to a chair the beautiful light blue color drew my attention. I sat down and the nice lady said “welcome to school! My name is Ms. Lily and I’m the school secretary. I also teach 4th Grade she mentioned. Since I was in 4th grade I was hoping she might be my teacher. “Now, would you please tell me your name she asked in a calm quiet voice. “My name is Bai.” I answered. “Bai?”  She sounded excited as if she’d discovered something amazing. “Yes, my name is Bai. In English it means Crystal Clear!” I said feeling a bit better. “Awesome!” Ms. Lily said. “Thank” I said “I mean Thank you.” I added. “Okay, now would you like to know more about your classroom?” She asked kindly. “Yes!” I exclaimed. “Okay, you’ll be in room 148. Your teacher is me!” “Yay!” I cheered. Now that I know it’s you, I can tell you more about our class. Someone named Mary Ann told me she had met you. Do you know her?” She asked “Yes!” I replied. “Well, she’s in our class. Anyway we have a cozy classroom. You’ll be working with Ms. Caihong a lot.” I felt a upset again because I hated to be singled out. Empathetically, she told me she would have a surprise in the classroom for me once school began in 10 minutes. I found Mary Ann and we talked together for the last 10 minutes before school started. Well, it hadn’t really begun but Ms. Lily asked to see me early for the surprise. I was so excited! I came in and she gave me a little tiny stuffed bear and it said Bai. Then I saw another teacher. “She must be Ms. Caihong.” I thought. She handed me a little bag full of goodies like chocolate and some gummy treats. Then she introduced herself and told me her name meant rainbow in the sky. Well, that was her first name that she said I could call her by. Then I heard this irritating, loud bell and kids came crashing in the classroom.

Authors note:

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed this chapter of is it “in”?. I sure enjoyed writing it!

Have a great week!


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I like it! Keep it up thumbs_up

commented Nov 21, 2020 by RocketAlein
Thanks, Autumn! I was starting to think no body read these so this means a lot to me!

Want to be (cyber) friends?
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You're welcome!

Sure, I'd like to be friends with you. yay

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