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asked Nov 20 in LGBTQIA Club by TheQueerDeer
Sorry my username keeps changing I'm not really registered. Chances are you know quite a bit about me by now.. I could have just replied to my other post but it seemed less likely that people would see it that way.. My classmates are making those attack helicopter jokes... I tried dressing up as the opposite gender to see if I would feel better but the second I looked in the mirror my eyes got all stingy like I was about to cry. I can't pinpoint exactly why but the best I can explain it is feeling like a fraud. Even more so than how I feel dressing as my birth gender. Maybe its just being reminded I'll never be the same. Most of me believes I'm enby but there is a tiny voice in my head saying I'm just trying to be a victim and trendy and that it's a phase.... I don't know who I am and my brain can barely agree with itself about anything anyways! It feels like my peace comes from forgetting... Sorry to be all sad I just want to know why this is happening. Anytime someone asks my brain goes into panic mode trying to decide whether to say my birth name or the name I want. sorry if I seem obnoxious writing posts about the same topic so many times but Im desperate. Please respond if you can.

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answered 2 days ago by WelshTerriersss (19,930 points)

I’m pan, I haven’t come out of the closet yet, so I sadly can’t help you. I really hope you are going to be ok! 

❤️, Welsh

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answered Nov 20 by LunaLight (99,190 points)
1. Thanks for tagging me. 2. This is why I suggest being fluid. Since genderfluid kinda varies on the day and you don't have to make one big choice. Personally, with being gay, I kinda have similar thoughts about my sexuality. Then I think about guys in that way and barf in my mouth a little lol. My best advice is to go through with the thoughts in your head and organizing them kinda like a debate, and consider each side. Just know that there is no wrong or right answer, you can be whatever you want, whether that be cis, NB, genderfluid, trans, genderqueer, or another term, just be you dude (I call everyone dude btw). As for attack helicopter jokes, make like one and attack next time someone makes one. As for your outfits, try something that you like, or that is neutral and in the middle.

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