What??? Lemony asking for crush advice????

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asked Nov 21 in Ask Luna, Anything! by Lemony The Bean (114,330 points)
Heya y‘all!

Whoa, this is out of character!

Lemony the Bean, asking for help with something as cliche as a crush? Unheard of!

And yet, here we are XD

So here’s the thing.

I have a crush. At least, what I think is a crush... The problem is, I keep questioning myself! Like, i’ll know for sure I like them, but then, my brain will just go “what if you‘re faking?” How do I push past these thoughts? I already told them I like them because my friend forced me to XP lol and they said they don’t really know who they like, but that it didn’t make our friendship weird so that I’m glad about. I really want to give them my hoodies, and hug them and stuff, which I know they’d be totally fine with but my anxiety gets the best of me and I don’t know what to do... I’m also scared that my anxiety attacks and compulsions make me look like a weirdo :( I know that sounds weird but me sitting balled up in the corner tapping my head with my eyes squeezed shut humming Lemon Boy isn’t exactly the most attractive thing ever...

I also wish i could help them. I think they struggle a little like me, cause some days they take on this numb stare kind of like mine when i have a bad day and start to dissociate. I know that when I’m that way I don’t exactly love being asked “are you okay”, but I hate to see them that way and want nothing more to give them a huge hug, any alternatives?


Ayo also if you’ve been around for a while, you may remember a post where i mentioned a person I called Starfish, they gave me a hug? yeah, that’s them.

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