Joe Biden verse Donald Trump who should win?

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in Debate by Unicorn friend
I believe that Donald Trump should win but that is just me. Who do you think should win?

2 Answers

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answered Dec 6, 2020 by Pumpkin (749,360 points)
Biden already won
commented Dec 8, 2020 by Ella
I dunno. Whoever is better. (But seriously Biden has all ready winned) still there both... I think Joe Jorgensen personally. But I'm only nine.
+1 vote
answered Dec 2, 2020 by Just a random biden fan..
Biden bc trump tells women what to do with their body- he doesn't own them..

Plus he doesn't support equal pay for women or lgbt
commented Dec 3, 2020 by LewieTheLamborghini (22,890 points)
Abortion is murder
commented Dec 6, 2020 by Unicorn friend
No he does not he is trying to make abortion illegal anyway. Biden wants abortion.
commented Dec 6, 2020 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Abortion is not murder. Ur literally killing a clump of cells. Sometimes u don’t have a choice. For example, what if ur rlly small? Like a 12 yr old might not be physically able to have a child without dying. Please don’t say that until you know how it works.
commented Dec 6, 2020 by GymnasticsGirl11
Abortion is not murder. I agree with Biden. He says that it is the woman’s choice. Trump doesn’t! If the woman cannot take care of the child, it is their choice to abort. Or if it was an accident or abuse.
commented Dec 6, 2020 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
commented Dec 7, 2020 by Unicorn friend
commented Dec 7, 2020 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Bro it is not a human being. It is a clump of cells. And some ppl can’t physically have a baby. For example if a twelve year old accidentally gets pregnant, and she’s under weight, she could die if she had that baby. And even if this was made illegal, woman would still be doing it, just under the radar, meaning it’s way more dangerous. Please do ur research. It is not a human being it’s a clump of cells.
commented Dec 7, 2020 by LewieTheLamborghini (22,890 points)
commented Dec 8, 2020 by Unicorn friend
Yes yes yes inside your mothers stomach you are alive you eat the food she eats you drink the drinks she drinks you are alive in there you have NEVER been a clump of cells!!
commented Dec 8, 2020 by Unicorn friend
But yes I understand a 12 year old but Jas that ever happened??
commented Dec 9, 2020 by LewieTheLamborghini (22,890 points)
It has happened, sadly.
commented Dec 9, 2020 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Yup, it does. And no, the baby isn’t fully developed til at least 4 months in. When u get the abortion, it is a clump of cells. It slowly develops into a human being. But if ur only a couple months in, the baby is still a clump of cells.
commented Dec 9, 2020 by anonymous
when did you become a human? those are human cells and you became a human when the egg was fertilized
commented Dec 11, 2020 by LewieTheLamborghini (22,890 points)
If it’s a living creature or even a “clump of cells” it’s murder.
commented Dec 11, 2020 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Look I understand abortion is a sad thing to go thru. But sometimes u have to have one. Some ppl can’t physically or mentally handle a baby.
commented Jan 8 by LewieTheLamborghini (22,890 points)
It’s called “Don’t have a baby”
commented Jan 8 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Lol it can be an accident
commented Jan 15 by anonymous
Even if it was an accident, you could put it on adoption. And if the mother’s life is in danger, she could take meds that could help her. They were invented y’know
commented Jan 15 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
my god, sometimes the mom can't physically give birth to it. Sometimes meds dont work. She could die!
commented Jan 26 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
Medication will not fix everything. It's not chemicals or germs that will kill the mother, therefore, medication will not do anything. What kills the mother is physically giving birth, and if the mother is, for example, 12, then there is no way they will survive, they are not meant to give birth at that age. Even some adult women die from giving birth. But if it's a child then their body is too underdeveloped. And adoption won't fix that, you still have the kid. Abortion, however sad, is the only way sometimes to save the mother, especially when the child is likely to die either way. For most of the time, yes, having a child is preventable by not getting pregnant, but there are some cases in which the mother wouldn't've given consent, it wouldn't be their fault. And another thing with meds. If a mother is unable to have a child, and they give her medication for it, what do you think that medication likely is? Likely, it's just another way of killing the fetus without surgery. There is no medication that can speed up the mothers' development enough to have a child, none. If they are unable to have an abortion, they will die. Another thing, wouldn't abortion be part of women's rights? Women's rights are that women can choose what happens to their body, and therefore, abortion would be part of that, the ability to abort a child is part of choosing that.
commented Jan 26 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Wow Luna you’re so educated this is why I love you haha. Very well said my friend :)
commented Jan 27 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
Thank yooou!
commented Jan 27 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Np!!! :)
commented Apr 22 by Eva
Unicorn Friend, inside your mothers stomach, you WERE once a clump of cells. You can just magically appear as a little human, you have to start as an embryo (I think) then you grow into a baby shape instead of cells.


If I’m wrong, correct me, also, how did a Biden argument turn into a baby argument??????

commented Apr 22 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
Well, it's not just "magically appearing" but close enough I suppose.

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