How did the soccer fan know before the game that the score would be 0-0?

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asked Dec 23, 2015 in Jokes & Riddles by zippy (22,320 points)

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answered Jan 10, 2016 by NuggetOMG

The soccer fan would know the player's actions because they would know the player did NOT make a goal....Or SOMETHING.....smileyyes

commented Jan 13, 2016 by rae (86,990 points)
good answer.
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answered Jun 15, 2017 by arkzo (420,620 points)
probably analyzed stats, and if both of them consistently score 0, the score would probably be 0-0
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answered Jun 15, 2017 by L (75,690 points)

There are multiple answers. 

  1. They knew that both teams were extremely bad at soccer. 
  2. They knew that both teams would keep each other from scoring. 
  3. They knew that the game was rigged. 
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answered Jun 15, 2017 by zippy (22,320 points)

All games start of at 0-0 at the very beginning, so the fan knew it would happen. Of course, it might end very different, but they did not ask how it ended.

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