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So, Lindalén is my LOTR character! She is a Lorien elf basically. I’ve had her for a year now, and her birthday is November 1st. I’d love to open up another art contest for her, but IDK if people will enter lol. So let’s begin. She has a pretty long history but imma put that here for you to read if you’d like. She said very heavily grounded in the Lord of the Rings world so you’ll have to know a bit about that. And scroll past if ya just wanna see art lol

Timeline of Lindalën 

Prior Years


680 Lindalén born on November 1st and taken in by Galadriel. Lindalén brought into Lorien and given her name, but those of the Galadhrim who became close to her began to call her Moth (s. ‘dusk’). 

c.1100 Around the time the stronghold in Dol Guldur was occupied, young Lindalén had finished her studies. Having human blood, she was about six years old. Being extremely bright, she had already mastered Quenya (Sindarin being her first tongue) and was on the way to doing the same with the advanced basics of the vernacular.

2063 Watchful Peace begins. Lindalén meets Gandalf.

2460 Watchful Peace ends, Galadriel reveals to Lindalén all of the evil of the world. Lindalén begins to train with weapons. Borik born October 19th.

2463 White Council formed. Lindalén attends by Galadriel’s side.

2851 White Council meets. Lindalén sides with decision to attack Dol Guldur but is overruled. Borik finds his dwarven ring sometime before this.

2935 Now 15 yen old, she leaves as a scout for the White Council. Her job is to track evil activity, slay orcs, protect people from them, and report what she sees. She heads to the small hunting community Redawyn, where orcs were rumored.


6 Years of Wandering

2936 Late 2953 she arrives in Redawyn. She meets Borik and in a fit of deep depression calls upon Varda to be her shieldmaiden; the pair begin traveling. They go to see Gandalf so Lindalén may report. She uses Elenmaciland Aithilwingfor the first time.

2937 Still searching for him, the pair has made two stops to resupply. 

2939 Lindalén goes to the Alduin, for she hears of Sauron’s scouting it. She meets here with Gandalf, and Gandalf studies Borik’s dwarven ring of power.

2940 Early in this year, Lindalén blesses Borik’s ancestral land the Stone-Sea, so that it may bloom again, but it only prospers for a few months, during which time Lindalén has returned to Lorien for a new mission. She and Borik (who is now ready to destroy evil alongside Lindalén for its plight upon his land) make for Mirkwood.

2941 Under the guise of a traveler Lindalén goes to Dol Guldur on Saurman’s orders, Borik in tow. However she is drafted into the Mirkwoodian army and then sent by a bitter Thranduil to receive his treasure. The Battle of the Five Armies occurs, and Hrive the Moon-stallion comes to her aid.


The Peace Years

2942 Due to her injuries she spends a year in Varda’s otherworldly garden, healing and learning of all of Sauron and what may come. Meanwhile, Borik returns in mourning to his home in Bree. The Galadhrim wait patiently for their child’s return.

2943 After a brief rest in Lorien she goes to Rivendell. She meets Elf-lord Glorfindel and reunites with her cousin Elrond. Rivendell rejoices and everyone is merry. Farin is assigned to serve her.

2951 Grieving in silence over Sauron’s revelation, and also shocked to hear about Dol Guldur’s reoccupation, she consoles herself by rejoicing about re-seeing Arwen. The two had been apart for nearly 20 years.

2953 Last meeting of the White Council.

2954 With Mount Doom’s rekindling, Lindalèn seeks Varda’s council and begins to devise a plan.

2977 She visits Dale to see Bain son of Bard crowned. There she reunites with Borik, also in attendance, after a long corresponding via letters.

2980 Lindalèn learns of Aragorn’s engagement and is happy for her two old friends. She considers leaving for Lorien.

2983 Ministral of Dale born.

2993 Razan of Bree born.

c. 3000 Lindalèn again grows restless, not content with being idle. She gets increasingly more disturbing dreams and the dark voice returns. She leaves only to return a week later with Morianga, and Elrond takes it for safe keeping.

3002 Bilbo becomes a guest of Elrond and Lindalèn renews her bond with him. Morianga has been studied and hidden away.

3009 Lindalèn greets Arwen upon her return, and joins Aragorn and Gandalf a few times to search for Gollum.

3017 She spends this year in constant council with Varda. She finishes her plan: to go into Mordor with Borik and deal with the threat directly if something doesn’t happen soon. She has once again been feeling depressed, and the contract is weighing on her.


War of the Ring 

3018 Sept. She joins Gandalf at Edoras and helps him with Shadowfax by using Hrive; she meets Eowyn here. Oct. She returns to Rivendell on the 4th, sees Glorfindel off, attends the Council, and meets Legolas. It is decided she will visit Thranduil to bear news. She disembarks on the 30th.

        Nov. 1 Meets Borik on the Last Bridge and they begin traveling agents to Thranduil. 3 They meet a disabled wraith and with Morianga it is struck down. Both become ever more weary of the blade. 7 On Hrive, they reach Mirkwood late evening. 8 They tell Thranduil the news. 21 They depart. 26 They arrive back in Rivendell and give a report.

       Dec. 1 Lindalén receives a dream. 5 After thinking long and hard it is decided they will chase the surviving wraiths. 16 They depart with Borik’s ring, and Borik hears a deathly cold voice. 

3019 Jan. They go to Lorien to rest and seek council. Feb. They depart on the 19th and set out for Mirkwood again. Upon encountering Westamar in Dol Guldur, she fails to fell him and he (and his surviving Nazgul) pursue Borik, whose Ring they believe to be the True Ring after some clever trickery on Lindalen’s part. 

              March. 3Borik agrees to lead a chase with his Ring, and leads the Nazgul away. Battle of Hornburg occurs, and Lindalèn fights. 5 Nazgul are called back to Sauron. Borik returns to Lindalén and they go to Dunharrow. 10 They ride with the Rohrrim. Lindalén returns north for rest in Lorien. 11 Assault on Lorien and Lindalèn fights; meanwhile Borik stays with the Rohan people. 15 Both go to Mirkwood and to Dol Guldur, but cannot get inside. Westamar’s voice taunts, 17 Both go to Dale. Lindalén becomes Honorable Queen of Dale and Borik Honorable King Under the Mountain. She meets Ministral and heals his leg using elf magic. 24 Lindalén leaves, Borik remains. 25 Siege of the Black Gates, she arrives just in time. 27 Borik, with Bard II and Thorin III, lead the charge at Dale. He hears of Sauron’s passing. His ring of power begins to fade. 28 With Galadriel, Lindalén cleanses Dol Guldur. Her life’s mission is complete; her contract is fullfilled. The Stone-Sea begins to bloom again and Borik returns.

             April. Lindalén meets with Celeborn and Thranduil. May. She comes to escort Arwen, and Aragorn marries Arwen and becomes king. June. She marries Legolas. Sept. They go to Rivendell and stay there a while.

3020 Borik comes to Rivendell in illness. 

3021 The Ringbearers (including Borik) pass over sea.

3036 Lindalén goes to Everdim to pray for a child.

3043 Hanna the Lastleaf born.

3084 Lindalén, Legolas, and Hanna go to mourn Merry and Pippin’s deaths. Lindalén starts having terrible dreams again. She falls ill until it is discovered that a piece of Morianga survived in her stomach wound and is removed. The dreams and pain stop.

3141 Lindalén, finally 17 yen old, passes over sea with Legolas and Hanna.



1: 6 years= really 6 yen, but I am saying 6 years because at this time she was really only 3 yen old. As mentioned, her human blood sped up her early aging process but slowed down when she reached bodily maturity.

2:  As a White Council scout she was Known as the Dusk Scout of the White Ones.

3:  Redawyn: Red-dawn, so named for the unusually red sunrises and sunsets present in autumn. Small town on the border of Alduin, south of Lorien and easy horse-riding distance of about a day and a half.

4:  Lindalèn had struggled with a dark voice in her head calling out her faults, and she realized she couldn’t do what others needed her to. The voice was later revealed to be Sauron’s servant’s Westamar.

5:  Elenmacilm “Star-blade”, has the power to harm wraiths.

6: Aithilwing,  “Star-shard rain”, same as Elenmacil but a bow. Only Gilsonui arrows can be used on this bow.

7:  The Stone-Sea was Borik’s grandfather’s land as a Great Dwarf Lord. However, after a dispute with elves, the land failed to produce its special crops: gems and jewels. It began to die, and the flora and fauna shriveled away into rock. Borik’s mother, Vuleisi, told him that one could only reclaim the land if an elf blessed it, and this was one of his motives for meeting Lindalén.

8:  Why she was sent to Erebor: Thranduik had grown very bitter toward Lindalèn, calling her Hinawen (s. ‘child maid’), and hoped she would die if sent to Erebor and Lake-town.

9:  Lindalèn is the daughter of the thought-deceased brother of Elwing, Elrond’s mother. It is not certain which brother or how.

10:  Farin was adopted by dwarves and given his name, until he came to Rivendell. He went with Lindalén on errands until 3018-3019’s excursions. 

11: she was Good friends with Bain because she defended him and his siblings during the Battle of the Five Armies.

12:  Morianga, “Black metal”: the sword of Westamar, filled with evil power.

13:  There were more than just Nazgul- there were also “lesser wraiths”- in Middle-earth. This was a lesser.

14:  Because of Bain’s death. She is recordered in Dale’s history as Queen Violinn I, because of her playing of the violin. Even after Bard II took office, she was included in important decisions.

15: Borik was  Known as Prince Consort Borik after the battle passed and he was replaced.

16:  Hanna was Known as such because she was the very last elf child. She was also called Hanna the Midnight Sun.



And yes.. Lindalén x Legolas is a thing that people on KidzNet did so I added it lol. Below is this ship, as well as other pics of Lindalen!!! Enjoy, and tell me if you like her!


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