Book review ( Florian bates) Novels by James Ponti

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asked Dec 21, 2020 in All Advisors by Lokibates (230 points)

Book Reivew

People, all the time when you and I were little. We had wild imaginations. Most of you still do! But I bet that you never wanted to be a 12 year old covert assetfor the FBI agency. But this kid and his best friend Margret Cambell ARE!!! The series consists of three books Famed, Vanished, and trapped.  So lets dive in to there world.
    Florian Bates lived all around the world and developed a Theroy Of All Small Things TOAST for short. His mom and dad both work at Museums. His Mom restores paintings and his dad does security for museums. When his dad gets a urgent call telling that three paintings have been stole Florian come along too with useful info for the FBI.
Thank you for reading.
commented Jan 5 by anonymous
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