Stop Scrolling! please click on this if you need help with boys!

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asked Dec 26, 2020 in Personal by MC

Hi girls!We need to take about boys for a sec. or a couple min. I have always been attracted to boys. i don’t wanna be single. i want to be dating someone. This last year has taught me a lot of stuff!  

1. never chase men. if they like you that will let you know. don’t chase a fake relationship because he may not like you like that. but if he says he likes you. take your shot

commented Dec 27, 2020 by MC
i am so sorry guys. it cut off half of it
commented Dec 28, 2020 by anonymous
Well, from personal experience i would have to say.... yes never chase boys/men. Because if you do...then they might get annoyed and tell you to get lost. MC do your parents want you to date or is it just what you want to happen?
commented Jan 6 by MC
My mom don’t care about me or my life. my dad is in my life but he wants me to be happy. and if that’s with a boy. he does. but if i don’t. he doesn’t. like i am in a relationship rn with a 7th grader and i am in 6th.  good question!!!
commented Feb 4 by anonymous
That is so true

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