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Lemony is a registered KidzTalk user who got her first account on Halloween of 2019. She is very active and while at the time of writing this article she has 
over 115,000 points, she does not focus on getting them and rather earns them by trying to help out. She is a furry with a special interest in Haikyuu, and really enjoys art and writing as well. She suffers from multiple mental health issues including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and body image issues, and as of today she is two and a half weeks clean of self-harm. She tries her best to help out anyone who has a problem, and hopes that her contributions will be remembered well.
Lemony began KidzTalk as an unregistered user some time around September of 2019, and over time her influence and popularity has steadily grown. Her art progress is quite noticeable when looking at her older posts, and while she does write a lot she is forgetful and rarely finishes posting stories.
  • Lemony used to be known as Coffee Cake, and some of her close friends still refer to her as this.
  • Lemony has one irl friend on KidzTalk, their name is Crystal_Dolphin but they often go as Kairi
  • Lemony would consider her closest friends on kidztalk Jellyfishlover, Gemheart, Pumpkin, Knightstar, Queens, and KittyKat. She apologizes if you weren’t mentioned, she’s extremely forgetful
  • Lemony sometimes uses the nickname Nori
  • Lemony really loves anime, her favorite is Haikyuu and she could talk about it for hours if you let her
  • She has a Harry Potter obsession and is a Hufflepuff
  • She really loves baking, horse riding, swimming, and volleyball



Lemony would consider herself quite friendly, and if you know her in real life she can be quite shy and anxious but once you get to know her she’s a real hyperbug :D



I am you. No sir you are you. I dunno. Two is two.


commented Apr 25 by Crystal_Dolphin (6,020 points)
oh my gosh you've changed so much since then... wow i miss old times
commented Apr 26 by magicharrypottergal (21,050 points)
Imagine a cake dat looks like a coffee *mind blown* jk

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answered Dec 30, 2020 by Pumpkin (749,320 points)
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Nice article, Lemony! I like your wiki format. Sometimes, I do refer to you as coffee cake ;)
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answered Apr 25 by Thalia
Wow lemonys personality is just like me!
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answered Apr 25 by JD2005
Cool :D

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