Today I met a Hacker (SnickerDoodles among us blog)

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asked Jan 3 in General Blogs by SnickerDoodles
Today, I met a lime hacker named ???

He was rather interesting. He could do multiple sabotaged at once. And close the doors over and over. He started the game on his own, and could not be banned. However, we were able to stop the monstrosity.

My brother was playing among us and I peeped over his shoulder. I saw to sabotaged at once. The game was lost to a lime wit no name. I told my bro that he had a hacker. He quickly gave the switch to me (yes we play it on switch) and told the host purple that there was a hacker, and to ban him.

The hacker told us that "I could not be banned."

The game started and I immediatly called a meeting. I said "vote kick lime. He is a hacker" sure enough line's name was not on the vote kick menu. We voted him instead. As we saw the "     was not the impostor" the screen started flashing red. And the impostor (purple) won. I said to lime "why do you do this" and then "you suck so bad that you need to hack?" The game started, and I was wondering how to defeat this monstrosity

The screen was black

After a little while of nothing, the victory screen appeared. Without lime.

Looks like he rage quited or something.

But, I sed a win as a win. I gave the system back to my bro and said "got em".

I didn't technically beat the hacker though. But I got a moral for this story. hack, you must be one of 2 things.

1. You suck so bad at this game so that your only chance of winning is to hack.

2. Your just a big dumb bully who doesn't know how to be nice.

As I am writing this, my brother is still playing. I will update if anything happens.
commented Jan 31 by L e t s c h a t t o d a y 1 2 3 4 5
I meat the same hacker with no name and he could not be kicked at all. So I told them vote out lime hes hacking so we did and he was an imposter. And then lime rage quit.

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answered 4 days ago by StarLight
Has anyone seen the hacker Ersi Losi? He's been in several of my games asking me to follow his Twitter account. I don't even HAVE a Twitter account!
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answered Jan 13 by anonymous
I think my brother was playing with ??? Before he was hacking and we kicked him and later we lost.
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answered Jan 5 by magicharrypottergal (11,940 points)
Good job! Also once i was in an among us server and there was someone named carrot who didn't do ANYTHING!!
commented Jan 6 by SnickerDoodles
I usually either vote or votekick those kind of people. If im a host, I regular kick. If they come back, Ban hammer.

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