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asked Jan 4 in Other by anonymous

Hi Girls!

Today I wanted to just talk about puberty. 

But, first......

Boys, now is your chance to leave. Same with if you’re under 9 or haven’t started puberty yet.

Okay! When I started puberty I has SO many questions! Luckily I had many people to ask, who kindly gave me answers. I wanted to give other girls the same opportunities. I’ll do a few of these as a series! 

This weeks topic is breasts. Before you ask any questions I have a few things to just talk about for you.

  • Any age above 9 is an OKAY time to get breasts. Every girl gets them at different rates. 
  • All women naturally get breasts so you don’t need to be embarrassed at all. 
  • Ask a mom if you can about getting a bra once you get a breasts. If you can’t talk to at mom, talk to  an aunt, female school counselor, or a women teacher.
  • If you are feeling scared or embarrassed about having breasts, the advice I’d give is to get a bra. They help to support you and make you more comfortable while exercising.

This was something I had to learn myself. Before you ask your mom (or women adult/caregiver) for a new bra, try it out! Wait a 2 weeks. If it REALLY hurts after 2 weeks discuss getting another one. 


commented Jan 8 by The Hulk
I am having puberty to.
commented Jan 9 by peach
me too

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answered Jan 7 by anonymous
Hi i'm a boy!
commented Jan 8 by Zwifter4life
Okay that's weird.....
commented Jan 8 by Vivi

You have the same user name as the girl who posted this.threaten


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answered Jan 5 by Ariana Grande fan!!!
Thanks for the advice!
commented Jan 5 by anonymous
Of course!
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answered Jan 5 by GymnasticsGirl11
Thanks, this helped.

But I have a bit of a problem. I have budding breasts that hurt when I’m running, jumping, etc. I think I need a bra and my mom and I discussed that if I need a bra, I should tell her and I’ll get a sports bra. But I am super embarrassed to ask for one now. A few days ago, I went shopping with my mom and Macy’s had sports bras for girls my age (10-12) and I nearly went, “hey, Mom, how bout these?” But my mind prevented me. How can I ask her for a sports bra soon? Thank you so much, anonymous.
commented Jan 5 by anonymous
This sounds hard, I know but just tell her.

Every girl has to do it at some point.

Good luck!
commented Jan 6 by GymnasticsGirl11
Thanks, but like what do I say??

Sorry if I’m being a burden, I’m just having a lot of trouble with this.
commented Jan 6 by anonymous
No, you’re not!

Say something like “Hey mom, can we talk for a second? That bra over there looks good. What do you think?”
commented Jan 7 by GymnasticsGirl11
Ah thank you so much! I will def try that, will update later.
commented Jan 7 by GymnasticsGirl11
K told her I needed one, she agreed XD thanks
commented Jan 8 by GymnasticsGirl11
Sorry but another question:

Do you recommend training bras, sport bras, or undershirts with breast support? My mom said I could choose.



Thank so much and sorry
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answered Jan 4 by LunaLight (113,180 points)
Nah, for me it was more like-

Me- *starts having breasts*

My mom- Come on, we're going bra shopping.

Me- But I don-

My mom- Shut up and brush your hair.

Me- Okie.
commented Jan 5 by anonymous
Uhhhhhh.... okay?

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