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asked Jan 11 in Homework Help by Unicorns
Today is the first day that we  and my whole country ( Ireland) start homecoming if you guys have any tips or tricks pls help me

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answered Feb 5 by anonymous
i suggest using an agenda to write ur hw down
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answered Jan 13 by Coybow Guy

Alright: As time goes by, you're going to get sidetracked. Trust me. If you're anything like I am, there will be things to distract you, or you will spend too long on one thing, and vice versa. In the first years of my own homeschooling, my mom actually got me a digital watch that you can program by plugging it into a computer and changing the settings. My dad set mine to, every five minutes, buzz at me while saying on the screen, "PAY ATTENTION!" Of course, that isn't what yours has to do. It also buzzed and messaged me when it was lunch time, break time, and change-of-classes time, as well as when school was over, when to do my chores and study, when to get ready and go to bed, and when to wake up (I put it by my bed and used it as an alarm clock).

Of course, you don't need something like this, it was just a suggestion. I'll be back tomorrow (United States Mountain Time Tomorrow) to give you more information.

By the way, I'm the one that likes Ireland so much.  I just didn't want to put on my username in case you were lying about being in Ireland, so I didn't look like a fool. If you aren't in Ireland, just tell us: it won't be that big of a deal.

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answered Jan 13 by anonymous

Oh my gosh! I can give you plenty of advice on homeschooling (I've been doing it for many years), but first: You're in Ireland?!?!? That is the coolest thing ever! I need you to be my friend! By the way, I'll be giving you plenty of ACTUALLY useful info.

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answered Jan 12 by L e t s c h a t t o d a y 1 2 3 4 5
Do your best and stay on task

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