A brief survey (Because I want to talk about something and perhaps make a friend or two): What are your hobbies?

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asked Jan 12 in Other by Cowboy guy [And privacy advocate]
I have many weird hobbies, like wood burning and carving, leather working and tapping, writing, and many others. I would also like to get into some new things, especially Montana-related hobbies (like horseback riding and ranchwork) now that I have moved to Montana. I was trying to get myself some boots, a nice Stetson hat, a good knife, and some better flannel shirts. I also have some imaginary hobbies, like shooting, that I want to start doing but haven't or can't. So, tell me: what do you like to do? (Also, feel free to ask me any questions, about anything. I'm happy to answer.)

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answered Feb 13 by Wo
Dance. sing. draw. sing. dance. draw. repeat.
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answered Feb 8 by anonymous
I like to draw and sing and sometimes read
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answered Feb 6 by Hehehe
I like bein cool
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answered Jan 14 by Akila

Well my hobbies are writing horseback riding (It is sooo fun) watching tv enginering  and using a bow and arrow

commented Jan 15 by Cowboy Guy
No way! Horseback riding? That's awesome! Now that I'm living in Motana (which, as you should already know, is, like, the king of horses) and we have neighbors with six horses and a pasture-type yard, I really want to get into it.
commented Feb 5 by Akila
Feel free to tell me bout it I also live in Montana like you is your family planning on buying a ranch, a barn, or something like that
commented Feb 6 by Duke Silver (Formerly Cowboy Guy)
We haven't really figured it out yet, but I know that my mom and I both want to. My dad never agrees with us. Where in Montana duo you live? Normally I wouldn't give info like that, but, I mean, this is Montana! I feel like a town wouldn't be too much. Please be honest with me. I live in the coldest town in the country. Do you know what it is?
commented Feb 7 by Akila
Dang I don't have the slightest idea but your right maybe i can give you lessons on horseback riding like tell you about it.
commented Feb 8 by Duke Silver
I'd like to talk. I couldn't find you on Kidznet, since I just registered today. If you would like to talk, you should register and get on there. You're able to send messages and have friends or groups. By the way, I live in Montana. Today the weather claimed it felt like -30 degrees. My dad and I had to shovel a foot or so of snow. In other places, it's waist-deep, but it's also thin in some areas, because, if you're in Montana, you'll understand why: the ridiculous wind. Anyway, you really should consider joining. Ask that you have to do is give KS your email to verify that your not sketchy and you're not a robot or anything, and then make a password.
commented Feb 8 by Akila
Ok oh yeah where I live in Montana I could hardly walk cause of that darn snow and I will register today yeah
commented Feb 8 by DukeSilver (5,850 points)
Okay. You can send me a message when you're done.
commented Feb 11 by Akila
The message ain't poppin' up my e-mail for some reason can you help me this.
commented Feb 13 by DukeSilver
Sure. When you click on the KidzNet button on KS, there should be a place for you to enter your email and password. If you've already tried this, I recommend to try it again and then wait a few minutes. I took a couple of minutes when I tried it. If after about ten minutes, the email still hasn't been sent, try logging out of your email, re-register to KN, then going back to your email to see.

Also, don't forget that it may have been sorted out to the spam folder. Try checking there as well.

If you still can't get it to work, message or contact KS. You can even make a post to them.

If worst comes to worst, you could also just make another email just for this purpose. I'm not sure what email you use, but I use ProtonMail, the encyrpted email in Switzerland. If you need to, use that. You can do it for free.
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answered Jan 14 by meh
for one thing: NOT reading these stupid posts and "answers"
commented Jan 14 by magicharrypottergal (15,450 points)
:0 dat was kinda mean!
commented Mar 8 by AnimalCrossingFan
:O Rude!
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answered Jan 12 by little penguin
i like drawing swimming danceing carveing sleeping and just plan being weird
commented Jan 13 by Cowboy Guy
commented Jan 14 by ~Love_rainbowsrain~ (3,440 points)

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