Trump supporters? Biden supporters? I want to have a [friendly] political debate, and I'm not on either side.

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asked 4 days ago in Debate by Coybow Guy
Here's the truth, straight up and plain: I don't like Biden OR Trump. Trump, in my opinion, is far, far worse than Biden, but still: neither one. So, I just felt like having a friendly debate about these two. If you are a Trump supporter, please comment down below your positive thoughts on the president. If you are a Biden supporter, please comment down below on your thought on him.

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answered 2 days ago by ~Purple~ (27,180 points)
Great! I'm glad you're neutral on the topic. I, personally, am excited that Mr. Biden has won, also because he nominated Kamala Harris as his Vice President, the first woman in that role. I also support the Democratic party because I am a genderfluid pansexual, and most republicans do not support that. I also belive in BLM, because hey do matter. Color of skin does NOT play a role in how a person will think or act. I just agree with a lot of the Democratic beliefs.

Thanks for reading!

commented 2 days ago by Cowboy Guy
As I told Lost South (I think that that's what it's supposed to be?), I am actually a Libertarian. I'm a third-party guy. Democrats are mostly fine: the only major thing that I don't like about them are their firearm beliefs. I am a very second-amendment supportive person. It bothers me that it seems like most of the Democrats disagree with the right to bear arms. Biden, for instance, wants to electronically control all the weapons. This really isn't something that I'm down with. Most of their other ideologies are fine (like environmental protection), it's just that detail that's really important to me, and therefore I am forced to disagree with the entire party. Please comment if you're willing to debate over this.
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answered 2 days ago by l0st s0uth (4,320 points)
I am a Trump supporter libertarian. Here's why:

1. I believe strongly in gender roles & the nuclear family. The democratic party is set on destroying the nuclear family.

2. I am highly conservative. I believe abortion should be illegal, I am against homosexual marriage, and I also believe the usage of a certain online content (can't say it here) should be illegal. I do believe in free speech to the full extent. Etc.

3. I am anti-religion. Sorry Mormons, Muslims, Catholics +. I believe religion is bad and it forms a altered image of who God truly is. There are many reasons why. I am an anti-religious Christian because God is not interested in religion, which man's ideology's mixed with God's. Also I despise traditions. Religions form around traditions, even so cultural. You should not worship a false God because of your culture.

4. Anti-Commie. I was born in a communist place. A place that "is" turning into countries like Venezuela.  Communism censors others in hopes to brainwash the masses into thinking how they wish them to think. Of course there are many other bad sides of communism. Biden being for China is a turn off. I don't want the country many foreigners fled to become like the home they desperately fled from.

5. Anti-BLM. Biden supporting BLM is terrible. BLM is a terrorist group that uses black people as a pawn to gain political power. Cmon. Black people are more than pawns in a game. So before you say BLM to another black person randomly, remember that you are categorizing them as nothing more than something political. They are people suffering from their own values. Help them get up from the hood, have two parent homes, and a JOB. That'll help them. Not looting, burning or killing BLACK innocent lives.  

There are many other views I have that lean into my party. I will freely criticize Trump, as I am not an avid Trump supporter. In fact I will freely critique both sides. My political views have always been the same, however now I am more close minded because I try to align my views the most with God's. I am a conservative, preserving what was set by God.


that it's my attack helicopters. bye bye~
commented 2 days ago by Cowboy Guy
I'm a Libertarian, too (I just didn't want to say it yet), but I certainly don't like anything that Trump does. I have to argue with the BLM thing, though. Go check out what I said on that one post.
commented 17 hours ago by l0st s0uth (4,320 points)
Well, Libertarians are capitalist and Trump is a capitalist. So maybe that's one thing y'all agree on lol.
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answered 3 days ago by little penguin for the winnnn
turmp 2020 he is da bessssttttt
commented 3 days ago by Cowboy Guy
Alright. First, though, are you just playing with me, or do you actually like the guy?
commented 2 days ago by l0st s0uth (4,320 points)
@Cowboy Guy

You say you are not on either side, however you say this. Lol.
commented 2 days ago by ~Purple~ (27,180 points)
Lost South, I think they just meant that because they didn't give any reasoning.
commented 2 days ago by Cowboy Guy
It's just that I wasn't sure if little penguin was just saying that because I don't like him, or actually liked Trump.
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answered 3 days ago by Ammy K.

I don't like either as well. I like Trump as a person less (I don't think it's going too far to call him foolish,) but I agree with the views of the Republicans. Not the Republicans who think storming government buildings will help them get what they want, of course. rolling

commented 3 days ago by Cowboy Guy
Unfortunately, I don't really like the Republicans as a whole, either (no offense, Ammy). I don't like their ethical or environmental views. They all seem to have the same ideas for the environment, especially.

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