Anybody need answers to their homework? I'm here to happily help! (And actually be useful!)

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I SHOULD be able to help you with math problems, history, science, and especially English (Literature/writing/language arts). Just be sure to only give me a problem at a time, and not the entire sheet or anything. In addition, I can help you with written assignments, papers, stories, or anythings else that you want me to go over. Feel free to use my services. Just put in the problem or question as an answer, then I'll comment to it. Some things I might not be able to do, but the majority of things, I should. Also, I can give you tips and info (so that it makes sense without taking up fifty pages in your textbook) so that you can do it yourself later.

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whats a pronoun
commented 3 days ago by Cowboy Guy
A noun that lost it's amateur status.


What? I figured that you could get a point for originality.


Fine. A pronoun is a part of speech that is substituted for a regular noun to represent a more formal, direct kind of noun.

So, while a "regular" noun (don't put that on your homework, I don't think that that's an official thing) could be something like "man" or "boat," a pronoun could be something like "David" or "Windigo Harbor." Basically, it just replaces the noun to make it a more real, direct, official noun. Generally, pronouns are capitalized.

Examples of pronouns are:

People (Bob, Sarah)

Places (New York, Montana, San Antonio)

Specific names of things (Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, Swiffer Dust Mop, "Chuck," "Shadowmagic")


I hope that this helps at least a little bit. If not, either ask more questions or try to find a website.

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