Men's Dress: Clothings and dress for the manly man's manly man (or girls: what do you like your men to wear?)

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asked 3 days ago in Fashion/Style by Coybow Guy
If you are male, you might be wondering why I have created this post, since it's a bit girly: I mean, c'mon--a fashion post for men? Really? So why did I make this?


I dunno.

I suppose that, apart from being bored, I just wanted to see about other guy's opinions on dress. If you're a girl, comment on what you like your men to be wearing.

Personally, my own opinion of men's clothing is pretty simple:

Flannel shirt with folded-up sleeves,

Dark blue, dirtied, boot-cut jeans,

Nice leather belt with even nicer big belt buckle,

Good boots (preferably cowboy boots--the pointed toe makes for easy slipping into the horse's stirrup, and the odd heel is good to hold your foot in place in the stirrup,

Metal, tooth, or another cool, manly necklace,

Thick leather bracelet and watch (on opposing hands, of course),

The Hat. The top (literally) of the outfit. It's gotta be nice and shaped, though.


On top of that, I don't believe that men should smell like citrus fruits and flowers, either. That's why I have Duke Cannon's Big A** Brick of Soap. It smells like Tobacco Leaf and rawhide Leather. In addition, my deodorant has the scent of bay rum, sage, and cedar, and what I use as my occasional cologne is scented as bay rum and sandal-wood.

I don't really know. I guess that I'm just a bit bored. Nevertheless, please reply to this and tell me what YOU think about men's dress and scents.

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answered 3 days ago by l0st s0uth (4,320 points)

As a woman, I am most attracted to a guy that:

1. Does not wear make up.

For this one, I've seen so many females say that men wearing makeup is attractive. And I've seen so many men wearing makeup (that are straight.) To me, if you are a guy wearing make up, I will think you are self-centered and weak and you don't do well with physical labor. Females that like men that wear makeup are attracted to them because they take care of themselves well. Sorry, but I'm not attracted to a sissy. Sure, stay well groomed, but not like a woman.

2. Doesn't wear articulate clothing.

I don't like a guy that puts that much effort in his clothes. I would like a guy though that puts a certain amount of effort into dressing nice. For clothing style, I would like him to wear a plain shirt that's maybe a size larger. I don't like shirts that hug his figure - it just looks bad. And just regular jeans to top it off. [ Also, I don't want a Harry Styles dressin' man. Is that too hard? ] 

3. Jewelry is a must. 

I love guys that wear earrings. Just a personal preference. I don't think it's girly to wear earrings - as long as they don't dangle and aren't fancy, it'll be good. Also, only in the ear lobe please. I think for me, jewelry shows a man's status and that he's wealthy. Status will always be attractive, no matter the gender. 

4. Perfumes.

Maybe a guy that smells like cedar or something. I like manly scents. Please no rose oil scents. I think I smell enough like that myself. 


That's it lol. 

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