Who wants to be the winner announcer for the Longest Word Competition on the 23rd?

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asked Jan 14 in Other by Cowboy Guy
As you may have already seen (if you've looked at my other post), I will be probably be unable to announce the winner for our new little long word competition. So, if you feel ready, able, and qualified to be the announcer, please tell me in the comments, along with why I should choose you and not someone else.

You must:

-Make an "other" post about the winners, with the headline clearly stating that the post will be about the winners

-Make a similar "shoutouts" post

-Determine the winner by counting the number of words each competitor submitted

-Check for ten or less misspellings in the words

-List the other competitors and their words, starting with second place, then going down to third, fourth, etc. through all of the words and the names

You may also work as a team (since I know that this will be a big job). In addition, you may (if you're not obnoxious about it) list yourself/yourselves as the editor of the post. You must name yourselves by 12:00 Mountain Time on Friday, January 15. I will try to check you on the same day (which is tomorrow) and make a post about who will be the announcers. (There may be more than one, if I see a lot of good, well-written, persuasive answers!)


Good Luck,

Cowboy Guy
commented Jan 15 by Cowboy Guy
I suppose that people aren't as interested in this as I thought they would be. Somewhat disappointing.

2 Answers

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answered Jan 22 by Cowboy Guy
If anybody is still interested, remember that you have to check the words on Saturday, and post the winners by Sunday. It ends in three days...
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answered Jan 15 by *Greenie*

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier but I’ll do it! If that’s ok of course
commented Jan 18 by Cowboy Guy
That's great!
commented Jan 22 by Greenie

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