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asked Jan 20 in Book Reviews by RocketAlein

Welcome to my first review! 

This weeks topic:


This will hopefully become a series that we can continue on together. I’m so excited, and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure of opinions! Feel free to give me your opinions as well I’m the comments!

Amari And The Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

Where to start, where to start?! 

This is such an amazing book that you should totally read! I only got Amari And The Night Brothers yesterday, but I totally stayed up way to late reading it (I got to chapter 10!). It’s so action packed, fast passed, and very fun! Amari travels to this special world of new, creepy, and spooky beings such as the WereDragon (Like werewolf but a dragon.), witch, and many more creatures!

Here are some things authors (and reviewers) said about it (this is on the backside of the book):

“An enchanting fantasy adventure filled with heart and soul. Amari is magical!”-Angie Thomas

“As a former black girl misfit who wanted nothing more than to be magical, this book is a song to my soul. Amari is the heroine we all need”-Nic Stone

“Sharp, funny, and brightly imaginative”-Jessica Townsend

“I loved every magical page”-J.C. Cervantes

Below I’ve included a few things about the book: 

Genre: fantasy (made up by the author and not true. Think dragons, unicorns... etc.)

Age rating: 8-16

Level of scariness: 5/6 out of 10 (as of chapter 10; I’ll update you later.) 

Main character: Amari

Notes about main characters: Amari is a bright spirited African-American girl. Her family doesn’t have much money.

Length of book: 408 pages (chapter book) 

Rating and reasoning: I would rate this a 5 out of 5 because it’s one of those books that you just HAVE TO stay up ‘til 1:00 am reading.

You can buy this book on Amazon here:

This is only MY opinion. I’m going to make it clear that YOU are free to have your OWN opinion(s). We don’t need to have any fights about it though. Thank you for respecting my opinion, I’ll do my best to respect yours.

I hope you all are enjoying your week!

Happy reading!


Thanks to B.B. Alston for a spectacular read! 


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