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This will be in a few parts. Jellyfishlover and I are writing a story with another one of our friends, and I thought I'd share it here! We're starting off with the first chapter, obviously. 

This is the story of a few kids who got together when they realized everyone had magical powers. They all realized they needed to stick together in order for their powers to not get out of hand. Our story starts at Adah’s cottage, in the outskirts of the city.


Adah ***********************


Adah Cumberlyn was born in Hampstead Heath, London, on June 15th, 2006. She lives with her father, and older brother, Benji. She has a pretty good life, in her opinion. Living in the outskirts of the city, in a small cottage, collecting berries and honey every spring and summer isn’t too bad. In fact, it’s perfect. Although her mother ran away from home 9 years ago, never to be seen again, Adah doesn’t like to think about that part. Little does she know, it was her mother who started the most famous school, discussed frequently among magic-yielders. Cumberlyn’s School of Magic. Little did she know that her mother had been teaching for years, with new students flooding in every year. Little did she know that she was destined to go to Cumberlyn’s School of Magic. Adah knew very little about magic, for her father had forbidden anyone to mention it in the household. He had always despised it. Just the thought. It was…. unsettling, he insisted one day. This was the day that everything had fallen into place. Now, I shall tell you about it, but only if you promise not to tell a soul. 

Now, on this particular morning, Adah’s father, Mr. Cumberlyn was in a rather bad mood. His alarm clock had forgotten to ring (it was an ancient alarm clock, so this was not surprising) and he had woken up late. He had spilled his coffee on the floor, and had to clean it up all while being careful not to wake his children.  It was only when he walked out of the house towards his car, ready to go to work, that he saw the massive roses climbing the cottage walls. The vines twisted and turned, until they almost covered the whole front of the house. Mr. Cumberlyn just stood there, watching the vines twist around the roof. After a while he went back inside, up to where Adah and Benji were sleeping. “Magic!”, he fumed loudly, waking the children up. “Huh?”, Adah muttered, raising her head from off the pillow. “Magic! All over our cottage!! Roses! I-”, “Dad. Magic isn’t a crime. You know, our neighbors could’ve done it as a surprise!” Adah said, cutting Mr. Cumberlyn off. As he fumed out of the room, Adah nudged her brother awake. “Benji! Benji, wake up!” she whispered urgently. The children slowly walked downstairs, and sat across from their dad at the table, where he sat angrily drinking his tea. “Just the thought of magic. It’s……unsettling.” Mr. Cumberlyn muttered to himself. It was then, at that very moment, when Adah realized it was her. That night she had dreamed that she was walking through a beautiful rose garden. She had wished that her house could be covered with those same roses. The pretty bright pink roses had seemed so perfect, so elegant, so delicate, so full of life, that she wanted to be there forever. 

Juno ***********************

Next we introduce Juno. Juno Lynne was born on March 12th, 2006,  just outside Albany, New York, though he grew up in NYC. He was an only child. His family moved to London, England when he was 12, because his mother had died, and his father remarried. Juno did not make friends very quickly, as his classmates always said he was ’too happy,’ and his stepmother agrees. “Why are you so happy and smiling all the time?” she would ask him, “The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows,” though Juno thought of it that way. From then on, his stepmother decided she would make it her mission to wipe that smile off of Juno’s face. When Juno turned 13, realization hit him. He was happy all. The. Time. And yet, he couldn’t stop. Whenever something terrible happened, he always lightened the mood. One day, after he had turned 14,  he was sitting in his family’s living room in their apartment, to watch the clouds. The strange thing was, there were no clouds anywhere that day. But as soon as he began thinking about clouds, big ones suddenly appeared in the sky. He then thought about rain. Rain immediately began to pour down. He instructed it to stop. It did. He began to wonder, am I magic? You see, all the while Juno had been in London, the standard curriculum at his school was to learn about magic, and how dangerous it was. And yet, here he was, doing magic. It felt amazing, but also… daring. He felt as if he was doing something that was… against the law (see the connection, dear reader?). 

Conan ***********************

Conan Jones was born in Ohio. He was a bit of a bad boy growing up, so naturally, his parents sent him off to a boarding school in New Jersey. His parents got calls all the time for bad behavior, so they read up on other boarding schools. They finally found one in London, England, that was especially made for ‘delinquent’ boys, so he was sent there. Eventually, he started getting more and more introverted. He stopped being a ‘bad boy,’ and just got… quiet. His family figured the civilized London society has done him good, so they all picked up and moved there, where his little sister, Preslee, was born. When he was 13, he began to get into drawing. When he was 14, he was amazing at charcoal art. The strange thing was that the shadows in his drawings almost came naturally. Friends were always asking him if he could teach them how to draw like that, but the truth was, he had no idea how to teach it to them, for it came naturally. And sometimes, he felt as if he could darken any room the second he entered. It was confusing. By this time, Conan had another sibling, a little brother, named Bridger. He was in charge of taking care of him most of the time. But his ‘magic’ could work on the baby, as well. It seemed when he focused on darkening the entire room, it also caused the baby to feel darkened. So, Conan began to research into this, and learned about the magic community. He realized he had powers he needed to control. By this time, he was turning 15 in two weeks. That was when he met Alexa. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Shortly after meeting her, Conan asked her out. They were now dating, and Conan was happier than he had ever been. 

Thanks for reading this whole thing!
~purple~ (and Jellyfishlover)

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