Unnamed Story (feat. Jellyfishlover) part 2 still ch. 1

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Part 2 yes. 

This will be in a few parts. Jellyfishlover and I are writing a story with another one of our friends, and I thought I'd share it here! We're starting off with the first chapter, obviously. 


Paisley ***********************


Paisley was raised in a rather toxic household. Dad always comes home drunk, her mom getting so mad at him, she would hit him. One night, her dad had come home late, blackout drunk. Paisley was still awake. She was still awake when she heard her mom. “What the heck is wrong with you, Grayson?! Do you realize that you have a wife?! You have kids, gosh dang it!” Paisley winced. It was then that her little sister, Andrea, tip-toed into Paisley’s room, holding her stuffed bear. Without saying a word, she climbed into her bed, and Paisley hugged her. Her poor sister, only 5 at the time, must’ve been terrified. Paisley remembered wishing a daisy could just grow out of her hand. Her sister loved daisies. Right at the thought, a daisy sprang out of Paisley’s hand. Magic. Her sister was delighted, and yet Paisley knew she couldn’t tell a soul. She didn’t know why or how she knew, but she just did. 

Arlo ***********************

Arlo West was born on september 25th, 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has an older sister named Ashley, and when he was 3, his mother gave birth to his little sister, Aria. He was bullied when he was younger because he was so skinny, so he began to work out more in hopes of getting a better body type. At one point, when he was 12, he was working out at the gym, and suddenly he felt a wave of wind flow over him. This was odd, since it was an indoor gym, but he thought nothing of it. But after some time, an older woman was walking towards him, covered her mouth, and ran off. She came back with a worker, who was just as surprised. Arlo was confused. What was so weird about someone working out at the gym? But then, the worker asked the woman, “how on earth are those weights... lifting themselves?” Arlo looked down at his feet, but he saw none. He immediately stopped lifting the weights and ran into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror, and sure enough, there was nothing there. But then, he felt the wave of air again, and bam, there he was. He was obviously very freaked out. He realized that whenever he felt a strong emotion, such as anxious or proud, he turned invisible. By the time he was 14, he had figured out how to control his power.. By this time, his family had moved to London, England, into a tiny 3-bedroom apartment. That’s when he met Adah. Adah was out shopping, and so was Arlo. They bumped into each other, and it was love at first sight. In fact, their 1-year anniversary is coming up next week. 


Kinsley  ***********************

Kinsley Smith has always been shy. She was born on September 8th, 2005, in Liverpool, England. She was an only child. She has always felt a certain… connection to animals. Her mother was also an animal fanatic, and they had many pets, including (but not limited to), 5 guinea pigs, 3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 parrots. When she was 10, she was wandering around outside when she heard some voices. Looking to investigate further, she crept behind some bushes and saw a family of deer munching on some leaves. She heard them muttering about how the leaves here tasted terrible, but one of them had to fuel up, because her child was pretty far away, when a twig snapped beneath her and the deer jumped up. Kinsley slowly stood up, and began to speak. Only not in the human language, but in the way deer spoke. “I am sorry for interrupting. Please, get back to what you are doing,” and with that, she hurried off. Magic, she thought, I must be magic. She was scared, and yet, also it filled her with a sense of happiness. It was odd. But, she thought, it feels good to break the rules. I am magic. This is great. 

Vega *********************** 

trigger warning, smoking, abuse, drinking, drugs

*Vega is not a good role model. Do not follow her examples.


10 year old Vega was sitting outside the club in LA. Again. While her mother was in the club partying, Vega was stuck sitting outside. She could smell the smoke from cigarettes as she sat outside. When she was little, it bothered her but by now she was used to it. Her father had died in a car accident after getting drunk 5 years ago. She didn’t miss him though, she hated him. She still had that scar on her leg, from that time her father threw a knife at her because he had just gotten fired at work. He threatened her badly if she told anyone, so she always wore pants, even on hot summer days.

    Vega thought it was a normal thing for parents to leave their children outside of clubs while they were partying. 

    Her eye still hurt from yesterday when she got an F on her test but her mother was drunk, so she punched Vega in the eye. Vega didn’t know another lifestyle.

    It started raining. Vega smiled as the smokey smell vanished a little and lightning hit the ground just a few miles away from her. She loved the rain. No more smoke, and lightning. Lightning was how she felt about her life. Vega thought that life was unfair, so she felt that lightning understood her.

She heard some people murmuring in the distance. Oh no! Had she not covered her eye with her hair good enough. Then she remembered. Her teacher had asked her to answer a math problem so she had to look up at the board to answer the question. Her teacher must have seen.

No! No! NO! Vega didn’t want to become a foster child. She wanted to live with her mom. After all every kid had bruises from their parents once in a while. Right? Why did child protective services have to come get her?

When she saw the people’s uniforms she ran inside the club. A man stopped her and asked, “Hey! Young lady, what do you think you're doing in here?!”

Vega ran faster. 

“In there!” She heard a voice shout. Probably the child protective services.

“VEGA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!” She heard her mother scream.

Someone caught her arm. She turned around to see a worker from child protective services. They took one look at her eye and gasped. They were going to take her away.

Right then she hated that club! She wanted to set it on fire. So bad. She was taken away to a foster home. That night, she dreamed of fire. When she woke up, she saw a newspaper in the living room of her foster parents. The headline said Gold Club on Fire. Had she done this? No?! But maybe… just maybe...


5 Years Later


Vega had lied about her age just to get into the club! It was her first time ever there! She had just escaped her social worker when her social worker had to use the restroom at a gas station while driving Vega to a new foster home.

Ever since that night when Vega was 10, she had dreamed of fire every night. It was kind of strange for her, but she was convinced she had started the fire…

First thing at the club, she showed them her fake I.D. that she had gotten from a smuggler. She was a bad girl now. After sitting in the hospital for 1 year due to severe lung cancer and heart problems, and getting droven from foster home to foster home she was ready to part-ay!

At the club, she was so popular. She was apparently attractive? She didn’t understand why, but didn’t mind either. Someone offered her a dress to change into, so she did. 

A girl named Vikki came up to her. 

“Want me to show you around?” she asked with a smile.

Vega loved this lifestyle. People were crowding around her everywhere. She was finally the cool girl she always wanted to be.

Over time, she and Vikki became close friends and she started to trust Vikki. She told Vikki her whole story.

One day Vikki offered her a pill.

“It will make you feel better,” Vikki had said “Cope with memories of the past.”

Vega took it. It made her feel so good. Over time she forgot about the past. Vikki and clubbing was her future. The only thing about the past she still remembered for some reason was the fire. She still dreamed of it every night.

She kept on taking the pills from Vikki. Now, this was what she called life. She just really wished she knew more about the fire... 

One day, she and Vikki were walking in the park, when Vikki suddenly said, “You know, I could lend you some money to head to New York for some medical treatment. You’ve been getting a lot worse lately.” Vega considered it for a second, then nodded. The next week, she boarded a plane, waving good-bye to Vikki. 



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