Unnamed Story (feat. Jellyfishover) P. 3 still chapter 1

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Part 3 yeet


Ash ***********************

Ash was born on June 23rd, 2005 in NYC. Ash often distanced himself from people, and after all it wasn’t hard. Living in a small apartment with 5 siblings, hundreds of people walking on the sidewalk, sirens always blaring. It was easy for people to overlook him. When he was 13, he met a girl. Clarissa. She was everything to him. They were together for a year before she left him for someone else. Ash had put everything into her. Sleep hours, money, love, battery percentage, emotion, tears, energy. And she left. It drained him. It was weeks later, while he sat on his apartment roof looking at the stars with his black cat, Sydney, sitting next to him that he realized. It was better to be feared than loved. Ever since then, he made sure everyone feared him, so he didn’t get hurt. Deep down, he was scared. He thought he didn’t have anyone until Vega came into his life. She had come to NYC for hospital treatment. He had met her by chance on the subway. She seemed to understand him more than anyone else had before. A couple days later, she decided to be brave, and kissed him. They had been long distance dating ever since. One day, Ash was thinking of how amazing Vega was, how perfect she was, how she lit up his life like a flame. A small flame shot out of his hand. He understood now. Magic.

The very next day, his older sister announced she was moving to England. She asked Ash, of all people, to move there with her. Ash graciously agreed, but then asked if he could take Vega. She said yes, and the next month, they boarded a plane to London. 

Bee  ***********************

Beatrice Mei, almost always called Bee, was born in London, England in 2006. From an early age, Bee had felt a connection to animals. It didn’t matter what animal it was, she just loved them. The trouble was, whenever she thought about an animal, it showed up in some way, shape or form. When she was 8 years old, she desperately wanted a dog. She would do anything to get one, but her mom said no. When she stormed outside, she found a dalmatian puppy out near their trash can. When she asked her mother if they could keep it, she finally agreed. They named the puppy biscuit (very creative, for an 8-year-old), and still have him to this day. Another incident happened one day at school when she was 10. One day at school, while on the playground, She was being made fun of for being on the thicker side. As she stormed away from the bullies, she wished that she had some kind of big cat to protect her. Suddenly, as if by magic (hmm? See?), the loudspeaker sputtered to life. “Everyone into your classrooms. There is a bobcat on the premises. Lock all doors leading to the outside. This is NOT a drill.” As if by coincidence, the bullies were in the bathroom, and did not hear the announcement. They were badly scratched by the bobcat, though they survived, Bee still felt bad. She met her best friend, and soon to be girlfriend, Kinsley, at a summer camp in Liverpool when she was 12. Since then, they have been inseparable. When both of them were 14, Kinsley asked Bee out, and of course, Bee said yes.


Alexa ***********************

Alexa was born on September 12th, 2005, in California. She has spent her whole life living in a rather large apartment with her older sister. While her parents were away, she remembered that her sister would say things like, “You’re nothing. Nothing.”, or, “You’re useless. Nobody likes you. They just act like it.”, orrr, “You can’t do anything right, oh my god!”. This obviously had a big impact on her mental health, causing her to develop social anxiety. One morning, she was walking into the kitchen to get something to eat, even though it was 5:30 in the morning. The sun peeked through the gray clouds, rising above the mountains facing the back of the apartment building. The soft, yellow rays of the sun lit a path from behind her, showing her the way to the kitchen. She tripped over the corner of the coffee table, scraping her knee. “Owwww...!” she whispered, painstakingly, She wished the pain could go away, it hurt. Then, the pain vanished. She frowned, confused. Then she realized. She was magic. Maybe.


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