I got a back to back win due to a glotch, and got called a hacker (snickerdoodles among us blogl

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asked Jan 21 in General Blogs by SnickerDoodles
So, earlier today, I had a regular win as an impostor. Round 2 started, and I got imp again. Me and red started killing people until red went from 1 place to another too quickly.

I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Of course, when know get defeated, , they like to sabotage everything cause they were salty. Eventually, reactor was called and pink went to the left. I decided now was my chance and killed thwm. However, blue was approaching and I ran from the body. I should have used a vent, but I panicked.

The meeting was called, and I quickly said


"Saw him kill"

blue just said "black"

"If not blue me"

Lime, said that blue watched him scan. Eventually, we were even.

I was about to button saying that it was blue, by my dead partner called reactor again.  I realised this was to my advantage.

When we fixed it, I called the button and said that blue sabotaged when I was about to button. By the grace of god, cyan left. Blue and lime both voted me, and inknew it was over.

"No one was ejected (tie)"

I realised that a glitch (or my partner was hacking) saved me.

I called reactor, and waited at right. Then blue came.


When I came back, I said by.

Blue started saying I was hacking and that th EU should ban me.

The host didn't know what was going on, and eventually, blue rage quoted. I decided to leave on a victory.

Anyway, that's how I got accused hacking after winning a back to back impostor due to a glitch.

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answered 1 day ago by AnimalCrossingFan
He had no right to accuse you! It was just a glitch I hope. (but I think ur partner was hacking b/c that's not possible)

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