Please Read, KidzSearch! I found something dangerous on your website!

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asked Jan 22 in Ask KidzSearch by Ada4 (15,930 points)

Hi KidzSearch, it's me, Ada4. So, today my teacher assigned us all projects to work on. She told us to use a reliable source, that is approved from our school. I went to the school website and went to reliable sources, just to double check if KidzSearch and KidzSearch Wiki was there. (I already knew our school supports KidzSearch because our tech staff told me about it) I had to write a long document on the life of African American poet, Maya Angelou. 

I searched her up on KidzSearch on my school computer, and clicked KidzSearch wiki. When I went to the encyclopedia page, it was talking about s**ual abuse. It talked a lot about *ex, it made me feel uncomfortable and I did not include it in my project. 

Please report this. 

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commented Mar 29 by UnKnown
That’s flippin’ weird

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answered Jan 23 by LunaLight (131,380 points)
I understand if it makes you uncomfortable, but it would be true too, and personally, I don't see problems with that being in the article.
commented Mar 17 by Ada4 (15,930 points)

I know, I think I was kind of overreacting, though yes, it is true, I also found info in other sources that Maya Angelou was actually sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend at only the age of 8, for 5 years she was depressed and didn't say a word.

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answered Jan 22 by kidzsearch (161,970 points)
Hi Ada4,

We updated the article with more general terms, like "abuse" and appreciate the feedback.

commented Jan 22 by Ada4 (15,930 points)

Thanks KidzSearch, I know I might've been overeacting about this, that's because I'm Muslim and we discorage this kinda stuff, anyways thanks KidzSearch.

commented Jan 23 by kidzsearch (161,970 points)
If you feel uncomfortable many others probably feel the same way.

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