Hey Jojo Siwa! (And KidzSearch, I looked at your celebrity fan page questions post, and I did what you asked)

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asked Jan 29 in Jojo Siwa by Crystal-Arianator (23,950 points)

Hi! So, I love all of your songs, (favorites are, every girl's a super girl and hold the drama, also #1 U and boomerang and kid in the candy store, high top shoes and..I just love all of them!) your dance moves, bows etc. I have at home, and have read Jojo's Guide to the Sweet Life. I also have a shiny blue jojo bow, since blue is my faaaavorite color. Some things I like doing my hobbies, listening to music, playing music (I love music), writing (I actually just published a book), and video editing (I make videos and post them a lot), when I grow up, I am probally going to become a vlogger, musician or writer. I'm still taking time to decide. I wanna follow my dreams. I watch your videos too, and your show the Jojo and Bowbow Show Show. Lately, there has been some bullies in my life (mostly cyberbullying because I am doing distance/virtual learning), I just ignored them and told an adult.#PeaceOutHaterz I did what you said in the Jojo's Guide to the Sweet Life and filled out the activity sheets. Also, my sister wants to become a siwanator. Does she have to have a jojo bow to become one? She has jojo siwa socks! Also, I saw you were in Angry Birds 2. That was cool. I heard your also friends with Miranda Springs and Meghan Trainor. So cool!!!! Thanks. Ada4.

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