Please, stop. (TOPIC: Religion)

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asked Feb 5 in Other by ~Purple~ (32,900 points)
Okay. I see that a lot of stuff has been floating around here on KS, people accusing others of denying their religion, but then they turn around and deny other's religions. This needs to stop.

There is room in the world for MULTIPLE religions. Come on, let's be mature about this. Don't bully others into saying their religion isn't right. It's getting out of hand.

Make sure you think about others before posting stuff like, "My Religion is Best," or, "Your Religion Sucks," (big exaggeration by the way). Other's religions are being smooshed to nothing because of some people's rude words.

Also, this is a KID'S WEBSITE. I'm all for a friendly debate, but let's not go to the lengths we're going. ALL religions are WELL and GOOD. So stop.

Pretty please?

Thanks so much for reading this entire thing without getting distracted and yelling in the comments. Every single person on this website is amazing!

Love from,

commented Feb 6 by ~Purple~ (32,900 points)
I just realized I didn't mention the backlash some atheists have gotten for not having a religion. This is also not okay.

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answered Feb 5 by EloquentRacer92
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OMG. I want this to end. Why would you bully us just for not having a religion?
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answered Feb 7 by Pumpkin (706,390 points)
Can someone tell me what's going on?
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answered Feb 6 by Hard Things are Hard
i agree, its really dumb that people think they can just kind of make fun of people for their religion. like, im an atheist, but when i get older, will my parents start making fun of me for that? their hardcore christian.
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answered Feb 6 by Duke Silver
I agree completely. Don't call me the devil or anything, but I don't really have a religion. Generally, I just don't like religion. Saying this, I think that it's important for the world to have religious followers. It's just that I really, really hate the people that turn it around and use it for their own evil good. (Ah, cough, cults, cough.)
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answered Feb 5 by LunaLight (128,210 points)
I've never gotten religion bashed nor have I bashed anyone soo...

Idk. Surprising tho, some people don't consider Hellenism a real religion.
commented Feb 6 by ~Purple~ (32,900 points)
I agree! It can be pretty stupid sometimes.
commented Feb 6 by Hard Things are Hard
wait whats hellenism
commented Feb 6 by LunaLight (128,210 points)
Hellenism is the religion of Greek mythology, so Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and such.
commented Feb 7 by Here ya goooooo!

Does dis answer u question???

commented Feb 7 by Hard Things are Hard
yea thx
commented Mar 19 by Not revealing my name
Wait huh I'm Greek so idk if I'm hellenism
commented Mar 19 by LunaLight (128,210 points)
If you believe in Zeus, Hades, Hera, etc, as real gods and goddesses, then yes.

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