I’m really mad!!!

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asked Feb 7 in Personal by Pikachu
So I my mom said that I could have a piece of candy so I was sitting at my table and eating it and my dad said did you do more dishes?!I said no and he told me no more candy I literally have to do the dishes 5 times a day and having 4 other people in the house! I’m in my room at time out and my dad said I’m not celebrating the super bowl!!!!I hate this I’m literally crying a river And punching stuff I need help!!!!!!!and it’s mostly my sisters fault  because I didn’t scrub the cup he told my sister to do ahhhhhhh!!!

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answered Feb 8 by LunaLight (122,970 points)
... just do the dishes? I have had 4 people in my house too. If you make sure after all meals that the dishes are rinsed, they really aren't that hard to do. And if you're doing dishes 5 times a day, your family eats way too much. Honestly, my only advice is just to go and do the dishes.
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answered Feb 7 by Akila
That is jut stupid you should confront your dad and tell him

1. thats not fair

2.he told your sister to scrub the cup

3. sneak watch the super bowl and sneak some snacks
commented Feb 8 by LunaLight (122,970 points)
If the dad is anything like my mom (the good parent), Pikachu will just get grounded or in more trouble. Honeslty, its dishes, who cares about a cup? And everything you just said will get them in trouble, such as talking back and disobeying by watching it even when Pika was told not to. Pika's parents are smart, if Pika wont do the dishes, there will be consequences, thats how to teach a kid to do the dishes. Tbh, it just sounds like a temper tantrum that will diffuse a few hours after the situation. I know because i have had them. Honestly, it would just benefit Pika to do the dishes like they were told to, it will avoid more punishment and depending on what their parents are like, their parents may allow them to watch the superbowl if they get the dishes done. It isnt unfair, its actually good parenting.

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