Hi KidzSearch! This is going to be different then any other KidzSearch question

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Hi KidzSearch! You have been doing an amazing job keeping this website safe and fun. This is a celebrity fan question for Dale Bock! The founder of KidzSearch! If you can get in touch with him, please let him know that one of his fans are waiting for a response. 


Hi. So, how did you come up with the idea for KS? It had to do with your neice and nephew, right. How did you feel once KidzSearch was published? Is there any competition against KidzSearch? 

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answered Feb 10 by kidzsearch (168,220 points)
This is a response we got from the KidzSearch company founder:

Hi Ada,

I'm very flattered that you would even consider me as a celebrity!  Your posts and contributions are wonderful. I'm also impressed with your knowledge about KidzSearch history. Yes, my niece and nephew inspired me to create the site. There was a definite need to be filled. I was very proud to release it at the time, but also knew that there was a lot more to be done. As the site grew in popularity, I still felt basically the same way. There are always a ton of things I want to improve and new exciting features I can't wait to complete. There is always competition if you have a good idea. However, I look at competition as a great motivator to do better and not as a negative.


- Dale
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Yay! I’m so happy that you have responded!

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