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asked Feb 12 in Personal by ~Love_rainbowsrain~ (3,440 points)

Pls help me pls my parents are fighting cuz my dad messed up and i cant take it anymore i dont know what to do pls help me my mom is trying to leave what should I do PLS HELP ME PLS PLS HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO MY MOM LEFT US PLS HELP ME PLSSSST_Tcry_smilebroken_heartsad_smile

commented Feb 23 by Dog lover

OH NO I AM SOOOOO SORRY!!! The only thing my mom has fought about with my dad is the way he handed her a burger! Total mess the burger fell on the table! Well uhhhhh maybe a joke will help u (where is the best place for a dog to live in?) Answer: New Yorkey city!) get it like New York!! :( ugghhh I wish I could help u more well uh try to smile a lot it can make u feel better or uh get yourself something nice like candy? Ummmmm well just think happy thoughts and I am sorry I could not respond sooner but I am kinda new so. Well I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( cry_smile

Luv Dog lover that is sad at the moment.

commented Feb 23 by ~Love_rainbowsrain~ (3,440 points)

Your fine we worked everything out and we are all fine now and that dog joke was funny and WHAT IS WRONG WITH BURGERS! Lolgiggle

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answered Feb 12 by LunaLight (123,860 points)
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*hugs* It'll be alright. I would like to know a little more, however. Was this just an argument and your mom walked out, or was this a bigger thing that had built up?
commented Feb 12 by ~Love_rainbowsrain~ (3,440 points)
Thing that had built up pls help me and my mom walked out to
commented Feb 13 by L e t s c h a t t o d a y 1 2 3 4 5
My mom and dad fight. I know its hard

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