Lindalen Art Contest (CMON YALL)

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asked Feb 14 in Art & Music Contests by -GEMHeart- (291,410 points)

Posted this on KN:



Rules: You can enter as many times as you like, please use #gemcontest21 tag so I can find all the entries quickly; you may enter on KidzTalk, but please link me here :D; stay kid-friendly, be creative and have fun.

There is no due date yet! I need at least 5 entries before I decide on a date. If you already have entered before, you can re-enter that artwork! I wanna get this contest judged T.T lol

1st Place (Gold): You get a drawing that YOU can request :3 I’m not great at doing backgrounds or mecha, but if you do request this after you win, I will try my best! You also get your art featured on my profile and/or featured as my PFP (on KT or KN, whichever I decide) as well as it featured in the winners’ post!!!
2nd & 3rd (Silver and Bronze): Your work will be featured in the winners’ post and you can get a sketch of your choosing ^^

*Results will be posted on KidzTalk!*

What will I accept? Anything artistic!!!
Be it a sketch, drawing, artwork, collage, moodboard, etc, anything is welcome, just don’t copy or trace anyone else’s work. If you use a base, please tell me. Basically do whatever you want, I’ll even accept clay models (just take a picture) of whatever (just make sure it relates to the subject matter, Lindalen).



Those are the rules and stuff! If you want, you can enter here on KT. If you don’t have a KN account, then please link your entry down below instead! 


Have fun! Any art style, any talent level, is accepted. Do whatever you like, I can’t wait to see your versions of Lindalen! I do also have a note, the artwork below does not have to be detail for detail. If you want, draw her in different clothes, poses, designs... just keep her hair design (you can draw her hair down), and eye design and freckles. She’s 14/15 years old looking if that helps!!!


All Art Below Belongs to Their Respective Artists. 





There’s also a lot more artwork I’ve done, as well as other fan art people have done for me of her, but these are the best design-wise, Have fun!!! Please enter :3 IDC your drawing level, or your artist level, do whatever you can do and have fun and be creative.

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