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asked Feb 15 in Inspirational by Eleley (Girl)
People what the heck your just going to sit there and let this person taller than you mess with your head!?! NO YOU ARE NOT!! You bow to no human you stand up and rise above your place. You leave those doubts and fears in your bed when you wake up and leave for school. You are the boss of you! Are you just going to let that big dude over there named Duke shove you in your locker!? NO! Are you gonna let that sassy girl over there named Mckenzie tell you off?! NO!! You defend those who defend you! You keep moving forward no matter what happens. You keep doing what you love even if people call you weird. If you are LGBTQ+ proudly say it. If they call you a dork, nerd, geek, or a freak tell them to just let you be you if they say your weird remeber that that is a compliment it means you are not normal so you stand out. Don't let bullies control you.
commented Feb 16 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
You weren't referring to me when you said "Duke," were you?
commented Feb 16 by Eleley (girl)
nope just the first name that came to mind
commented Feb 16 by DukeSilver
Okay; good.
commented Feb 20 by Eleley (Girl)
Also uhh Duke I have something I want to say to you
commented Apr 25 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
And...(Sorry for the two month delay)

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answered Feb 15 by LunaLight (133,440 points)
Violent alternative-

Kick them where it hurts. You can get away with a warning as a kid, adults go to jail for assault. If you can, don't do it on school ground, schools get themselves involved then.
commented Feb 15 by Eleley (Girl)
I like it
commented Feb 18 by Pumpkin (753,220 points)
Kids go to juvie
commented Feb 20 by LunaLight (133,440 points)
Juvie ain't the same as jail. And if it's assault without any major injury (ie, if the other kid has a broken leg), then they wouldn't go to jail. Actually, if there is no proof of injury, no proven link to the accused, or if it can be proven self-defense, then the kid would not go to juvie.

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