World's Tallest and World's Shortest met and tried to shake hands (Photo Included)

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Sultan Kosen, 31 years old, is from Turkey and is the worlds tallest living man. He measures 8' 9".

On the contrary, Chandra Dangi, 74 years old, is from Nepal and it's the world's shortest living man. He measures a mere 21.5".  

The two finally met in London on November 14, 2014 for the tenth annual Guinness World Records Day. Here's a picture of them shaking hands.

The world's tallest and shortest men, attempting to shake hands. (Source:

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Aw wait thats so cute
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answered Feb 22 by ~Ash~ (91,750 points)
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answered Feb 22 by JD2005
I have seen this before! But sadly, Mr. Dangi had died in 2015, so he's not alive anymore. :(
commented Feb 22 by DukeSilver
I know.(R.I.P.) This happened a year before his death, but it was still interesting.
commented Mar 1 by JD2005

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