DukeSilver this is for you-

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asked Feb 17 in Other by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Hi! This is mainly for silver, but if you want you can answer too.

I have some questions I wanted to ask but thought I’d do it on here cuz kn takes forever to approve of the messages.

-fav color (mine are yellow and blue)

-state you live in (I’m in nm)

-trump or Biden (Biden 2021)

-things you like to do(I like horse back riding and animals, at the stables there are bunnies and goats, they’re really cute. I also draw. Oh, and read.)

-sexuality/pronouns(I’m bi and good with any pronouns, although my default gender ig is a girl)

-where/what do you want to be in the future? (I’m not sure what I wanna do, I change my minds a lot ha.)

K! You can also add anything else you want me to know!

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answered Feb 18 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
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Howdy! A whole lot of questions, and I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. (It says you asked it 8 hours ago.)

1)  Probably dark forest green, red-brown...Sorry. I guess I just like the boring colors. I like the colors of leather, wood, and the outdoors.

2)  I live in Montana (aka. The Treasure State), but I used to live in Ohio and a little bit in West Virginia.

3)  If I had to pick between the two, Biden. Just not the crazy orange guy again, please?

4)  I, too, enjoy animals. I have wiped out every single wolf book at every single library I have been to since I was able to read. Actually, though, my hobbies are pretty limited. That's why I made a post about hobbies a while ago. I basically have to wait until I'm not with/sound my dad agree to be able to do what I want.

However, I really like woodburning (I've made some cool stuff) and, even more, leather tapping. When most people say, "leather tapping," it means that take a tool that already looks like something (like, say, a Native American head) and just hit it on the leather, finish it, and call it done. Me, though, I like to get my six different tools and make it myself. First, after stroping a knife, I cut a design into the leather. Then, I take one (they're just sticks of metal with either an oval on the end, or a circle, or a cresent moon, or a leaf, but there are actually only four; I just have a small and a large of some) and pound it into a piece of worked leather I cut to shape. I can make all sorts of designs with those. I then seal and waterproof it, and can also do other stuff to it, like lace it up and turn it into a wallet, or stick brads in it and make keychains or pouches. Sorry. You shouldn't get me talking about something I really like.

I also just like to do anything and everything outside.

5)  I'm new to this whole multi-sexuality thing, but I think straight? Oh, and I'm male.

6)  This is probably the trickiest of them all. First of all, where I want to be it's very limited. Either here in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, or possibly western Canada. But what? Well, what I want to be isn't really what I can be. Essentially, I just want to be a free-ranger. I want to just roam where I want, with my horses and dogs. As for money, I could become a mountain guide, or simply make things...yeah, that wouldn't really work out, would it? Then, as for a job, I'd be a Cowpoke. I'd help herd either bison or cattle. Worst-case scenario: I do what I wanted to do for years, and go to OSU for my Masters degree in biology, then come back to the west and study the wolves.

Or, as the best of the options: I first enlist in the Marines (see if I get killed, because Afghanistan is never going to end),  go to OSU for my Masters degree, study the wolves for a while, then be a Cowpoke, then be a free-ranger. I don't really know. I don't plan that detailed that far in the future. For all I know, I could be dead this time tomorrow.



Basically, to know me besides this stuff, just look at my bio on KN, then you can talk again here. In short, I like big belt buckles, Stetsons, nice boots, horses, wolves, the Second Amendment, the outdoors, and the smell of woodsmoke, whiskey, leather, tobacco leaf, sage, bay rum, and sandalwood. (Sorry about the smells...)
commented Feb 18 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Woahhhh You sound so cool!! Yeah, I'm learning horse-back-riding, it's really fun! There's this horse named Stella, she's my favorite! She's kinda lazy, but I love her. Oh, and Buddy does this thing where he nods his head! Usually means he's hungry, ha. He used to be a stallion, which I thought was cool. Omg, don't get me started on Salome, she's a literal diva. The chickens, I swear...they like pecking one your clothes, thinking you have food, it's hilarious. I don't really know Emma too well, she's kinda adjusting since she recently got moved to the stables here, her owner was a drug addict, so they moved her, thinking she would have a better life here. Rose is so cute, she really likes to sniff your hand! She's such a cute pony! Opie the goat is so cute, sometimes he'll jump on you like a dog! He's always hungry. Heh sorry for the rant, I just love the barn. I'm sad tho, cuz It recently snowed and I haven't been able to go to the stables :(

(shut up, I wanna hear all abt your interests. Ok? You never annoy me bud.)
commented Feb 18 by DukeSilver
Okay, then I guess...
commented Feb 18 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Ok then. Go ahead, rant abt it,
commented Feb 19 by DukeSilver
Uhhh...*akward* I can't actually think of anything else. Give me some more prompts, will you please?
commented Feb 19 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Hmm can you please explain leather tapping more?
commented Feb 20 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Oh, where were you born again?
commented Feb 20 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)

 Where was I born? I was born in a smallish town in Ohio. You?

commented Feb 21 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Looks like KS is blocking the town name. Really, there are so many people that were born there. Plus, it isn't all that identifying.
commented Feb 21 by kidzsearch (149,260 points)
Sorry, but a town (especially a small one) is just too much personal information. While the name would not likely give away your identify, a person could use other items you have posted to get closer to knowing your identity.
commented 6 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Fine. I get it, I guess. But could you guys, like email me and hide the comment or something like that before you not only take it down, but also actually alter the content. Like, the one comment here you guys actually changed, and partly rewrote.

Sorry if I sound mean, I just don't like that stuff. I get the reasoning behind it, though.
commented 6 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Mhm. Ok cool! I was born in Santa cry my California. (I swear ks. I don’t live there anymore. Don’t take that down)
commented 5 days ago by Beaniecat
my fav color is sunset orange and sour lemon!

I know u guys are prob going to bully me about this but Trump...

I like riding horses and feeding my goat!

I'm a girl.

I also love the smell of leather new cow milk from my cow!


I know this was meant for Duke I just thought it would be fun to answer!
commented 5 days ago by Ammy-k (32,600 points)
Ooh, looks like somebody on KS is named after a horse!
commented 5 days ago by DukeSilver
What's that supposed to mean?
commented 5 days ago by Silver
Also, if you're blocking the town that I used to live in, why don't you block it when I say where I live now?
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answered 4 days ago by Dog lover
My favorite color is pink and cyan!

can’t respond do to privacy.

Biden all the way because of a female leader.

I read too and I gush over my dog andddd play video games!

Can’t  respond do to privacy.

Same but a gamer or business person would be good.

:D thx for posting this I really like learning about all you on KS (kids search)

Luv Dog lover!
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answered 5 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)

Here are some other random things about myself:

·I am not a complete Democrat. While I disagree with the Republicans on many of their ideologies (you know, like being crazy), there is only one part of the democrats views that I disagree with: the right to bear arms. I'm not a crazy Q-Anon (or...what do they call themselves? Oh, Patriots) cult person, but I still think that weapons are vital to put country. In my opinion, the second amendment should not be changed. After all, it says, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

·I like knives. Pocket knives, fixed blades, field knives, I like them all, so long as they aren't too militant.

·I'm a bit a, well, a guess I'm considered a Pacifist. I just don't like war. It''s stupid. There's no other good way to put it. Afghanistan has been going on for twenty out thirty years, and we have accomplished absolutely nothing over there. And nobody will admit it, but it's basically just over oil.

· I'm also kind of an environmentalist. Don't be calling me a dirty hippy, though. I just think that it's important that we preserve what natural environments we have left, and, you know, NOT run huge pipelines through the Boundary Waters and Arctic Refuges. Also, I've seen what coal, mining, oil, and gas do to places. (Um, not good.)

·I'm not really religious. I think that it's important that there are religious followers, though. Saying this, I really, really don't like the people that try to use it to their own advantage. It's the people that give religions such a bad reputation. But if I were forced to practice a religion, I would pick either Buddhism, a Native American religion, heck, Hellenic, even. Because in truth, most religions just say the same thing: be nice to each other. It's just that I'd pick one that had a bit of a softer, more cushioning tone to it (does that make sense?).

·I don't like fancy. And to me, anything beyond jeans and a shirt is considered fancy. I like dirtiness, and ruggedness.

·I like bluegrass and folk music. My favorite band is, "The Dead South," and my favourite independent musician is Colter Wall. My favorite song is probably Johnny Boy's Bones, where the two got together to do it.

·I'm not very modern. I've been told by many different people that I'm sort of stuck in the late 1800's. The late nineteenth century (1860's-1900) is my favorite time period.

·I like to collect various things. Right now, I'm collecting very, very old iron railroad spikes I find, as well as small bars and coins of copper and silver.

·I have what would be, I guess, unusual styles of dress, which I described here:

I don't know. Tell me what you think about these additional facts, and possibly how you feel about them.

commented 5 days ago by Ammy-k (32,600 points)
Wow, you're like the most interesting person I've ever met (well, kinda met).
commented 5 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
oooh wowwww ikr ammy he is so cool
commented 4 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
*Feels good*  *Pauses* Am I blushing? *Walks over to mirror* I think I'm blushing. *Looks in mirror again* Pretty sure I'm blushing.
commented 4 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
I- hehe *thinks* ha I made him blush! Yay I win doodoodeedoo *thinks abt what you said abt me on kn private messages sofware thigy* Wait. Wait. Am I blushing now? No. Wait. Wait, I think I am. That's not fair humph.
commented 4 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
commented 4 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Rude don’t laugh at me! (Jk you’re fine jhghkknj)
commented 4 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
You're awesome, you know that?
commented 3 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
No, you are. The awesomest person EVERRRR!!!
commented 3 days ago by Ammy-k (32,600 points)
This exchange is honestly adorable.
commented 3 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
commented 3 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Yes. Da awesomest person in da WORLD!!
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answered 6 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)

So about poker:

First of all, there are different kinds and variations of poker. Personally, I like Stud and Five card draw, but there are others like Texas Hold'em, and Omaha. Because it's the easiest, I'll just try to explain Draw.

In all types of poker, there are two materials: playing cards, and poker chips. The cards are necessary, but you can use other things in place of cards, like coins (some people use pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to play) or even candies. When I play, I have a nice case of professional, heavy, ceramic champion-weighted poker chips. They're basically just round, semi-heavy tokens that are marked with different colors. Different games and people will set their values differently, but generally, they are just "chips" with colored marks, the values for each color being as follows:






In a real game (like, in an old saloon or in a modern casino), you would buy the number of chips you wanted based on the values of each. 

The dealer shuffles a deck of cards, and everyone puts in their initial bet (we call it a Rosy). This is usually just one chip, put in the middle of the table. It shows that you will be in the game and playing. By the way, the center of the table where the chips go will be called a "pot". 

The dealer now deals out five cards to each player. Each player looks at their cards and determines what they will do. This is when the first round of betting takes place. This means that the player to the left of the dealer will put in however many chips he wants. If he didn't think that he has good cards it that he will lose, then he might only put in a white chip. But if he thinks he has good cards, he might bet a red chip. Or, if he really doesn't like his hand, he can fold, which is when a player puts puts down his cards and quits the game. 

The play then continues to the next player. She may choose to fold as well, or she can see the other players. By seeing them, she will either bet the same amount that player one did, or she might bet even more. This way, the next player has to do the same thing. Once it gets back to the dealer, players can trade up to three of their cards for new ones that they hope will be better. 

A second round of betting then takes place. It goes the same as before. If there are players that didn't fold, then they all reveal their hands. The player with the best cards then takes the pot and wind that round of play.

The hands of cards are ranked, to determine who has the best five cards. 

Royal Flush: A, King, Queen, Jack, 10, all in the same suite. --This is the best possible hand, but it hardly ever happens to anybody. To get those exact five, all in the same suite, like hearts, is a true miracle.


The most common is that last one: high card. I mean, every time you have a high card, so it shouldn't really count. Saying that, I've won lots of chips just because I had a terrible hand of, like, a high of six. That's about the worst hand possible. Oh, and sorry I couldn't make that picture a bit smaller. It was just the best one I found for you on an internet search.

Hopefully you sort of get the idea. But, actually, I'm not sure how boring that was, but I kind of enjoyed it. Tell me if you have any questions at all about it. I'd be more than happy to tell you about it.



commented 6 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Ooooh cool! Answer my message on kn loser
commented 6 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
I did, just two hours after you sent them. KS just took longer to approve them. (And, KS, don't try to say anything here. I don't really need to in all of my business and conversations.)
commented 6 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Oh ok Imma check real quick
commented 6 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Did you have any questions about poker? Or was that too boring?
commented 6 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
No, no, ur fine! Hmmm. Do you actually bet money?
commented 6 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
That depends. In a professional game, like at a casino, you buy the chips with real money before the game begins. Then every time you bet chips, you're basically betting money. The chips just stand for money. When the game is over, the winner collects his/her chips from the pot and cashes them in for real money again. Does that answer your question?
commented 5 days ago by Beainecat!

I agree about ur clothing choose if there is anything i wear other than jeans and a shirt I am fancy.   I also agree on ur music choose! I LOVE BLUEGRASS! If u have sirusxm Play Bluegrass Junction! it has the best music!


 I also have a question for u duke! Do u wear boots? If u do ur favorite brand of boots what are they? ( My are Arait ) 

commented 5 days ago by DukeSilver
Ariat's a great brand of boots. I do wear boots, but I currently have none, and need a new pair...

I like Ariat, Stetsons, and Tony Lama.

But I really, really do need a new pair.
commented 5 days ago by Silver
Also, where do you live? I just mean, like, a region of a state. You don't have to be too specific with towns and stuff.
commented 5 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Yes, thank you! I live around Santa Fe, the capitol of NM.
commented 5 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)

Oh no... Really? Santa Fe? You do realize that that's probably the coolest city I've been to, right? It even beats Asheville, which was a cool city. Oh, but the memories. Those wonderful moments of the spicy foods, and my dad dying from his Frito pie. And the culture...that's a great area to live in. Plus, you're able to get to the wilderness, the mountains, and the desert, without going all that far.

Does that mean that you know about Forest? We were looking for his treasure for years, then the doctor guy found it, then he died...(R.I.P. Fenn)

commented 4 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
I live abt 45 mins away from Santa Fe, we're in a really small town. Omg is your dad ok?! Hahaa I understand tho, I can't tolerate spicy food very well lol. Once, I ate a Taki (those weird chips with the spicy powder that you can tell is artificial) and I literally started crying- lmao.
commented 4 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
I like the small towns. My dad...well, I'll just say that I enjoyed it when this happened.

*He orders my mom those spicy pepper things, and me and him Frito Pies*

*I try my food* That's spicy.

*He tries some of his* That's not spicy. What's wrong?

[Thirty seconds later] Ooooooohhhhhh that's spicy

*He races around the lodge, trying to find water or milk*
commented 4 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Omg haha!! Yeah that would be me-I’m watching captain marvel. And DANG are the shapeshifters ugly-
commented 4 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Oh, are you? My mom made me watch it with her shortly after it came out. It want as bad as I expected...well, I guess it wasn't that bad at all. It's interesting that it takes place before the whole team was created.

But my favourite thing about it was how Fury came to get his eye injury. I thought that it was from a fight or something. Nope, just a cat (well...sort of a cat).
commented 3 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
commented 3 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
I don't know. That was my dad's favorite part of the whole movie.
commented 3 days ago by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
I love goose. it's perfect. goose. hehe.
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answered Feb 20 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Oh! For some reason I forgot one other thing: Poker! I enjoy playing poker, and honestly, I've gotten pretty good at it (I think). There are a lot of people out there that don't like it just because of its reputation. The guys at the saloons and stuff used to play it with their whiskeys and of course there were the draws that happened for various reasons, and usually ended up getting people killed our disabled.........

I don't bore you by telling you how to play, though.
commented Feb 20 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
How do you? I've never played it.
commented Feb 20 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
The game itself is really fun when you're playing it, though. It's not just luck like a lot of people think. It's also a lot of skill and sneakiness.
commented Feb 21 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Ooooh we need to play it sometime
commented 6 days ago by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
I tried to find online poker sites, but they all seem, well, not that reliable or trustworthy. The only good ones seem to be the ones that you pay for. Besides, poker is a game that, in my opinion, it's better played in person. I wish that there was some way, though.
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answered Feb 19 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)

Here's a coaster that I made:

Coaster | Gucci soho disco crossbody, Gucci soho disco, Crossbody

Sorry about the fuzziness:

Stepped Square Craftool 3-D Stamp 88489-00 | Leather craft, Tandy leather, Leather craft tools

I got bored...

Image result for sheridan patterns | Leather carving, Leather craft patterns

A 'bar' (bare)--its not all that good, but whatever:

Pin on Leather Stamps & Tools

Tell me what you think about them! (And honestly, because I know that they aren't all that great.)

commented Feb 19 by Greenie
Wow, those are so good! I would totally buy one :)
commented Feb 19 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
I- that’s really good omg! I would totally buy one! That’s really good!!
commented Feb 19 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Really? You're not just saying that?
commented Feb 20 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Yeah, I'm not!
commented 5 days ago by anonymous
commented 5 days ago by DukeSilver
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answered Feb 19 by DukeSilver (3,690 points) Tandy Leather Factory Basic 7 Tool SetHere are my stamping tools. The piece of leather at the bottom show what each one does to the leather. The beveler or swivel knife in the middle can be used like a knife to cut into the leather before tapping.

commented Feb 19 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Ooooohhh i n t e r e s t i n g
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answered Feb 19 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Oh, I almost forgot. There's this new thing I've gotten in to: making chewing toothpicks. I enjoy taking finger-or-thumb-sized branches and whittling them down to tiny twigs. I make then nice and even, trim them to the desired length (my largest toothpick it about three inches long), roughly round the ends, then sand. And sand. I practically polish them with a little square of sandpaper I always carry with me, and make sure that they're perfect. They're called "chewing toothpicks" because they're made for chewing on, not actually getting stuff out of your teeth. That's why I've stopped sharpening the edges; the taste of blood isn't quite as good as the taste of peppermint.

Oh, yeah, amidst forgot again, they aren't normal blunt-ended toothpicks, either. I stick them in extracts to flavor then as various things so that they absorb the flavour. Sometimes I also woodburn one end of them, and maybe a thin line or spiral down the whole thing, to give them that wonderful smoky flavor and smell. Just 'cause, ya know, I can be weird like that.
commented Feb 19 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Woahh you might just be the coolest person I’ve ever met..!
commented Feb 20 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
It's okay, you don't have to talk to me like that...
commented Feb 20 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)

I- excuse me? Excuse me? What did you just say? No. You're amazing, never let anybody tell you otherwise. If they do, just send them my way. I just wanna talk, trust me....threatenshut up, you are the coolest person ever, ok? If I hear you talk bad abt yourself again, I will find where you live and tackle you. Ya hear?

commented Feb 20 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Well, I must admit that you sound pretty well darn 'cool,' too.
commented Feb 20 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Aww thank you love.
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answered Feb 19 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
First, to tap leather, I take a piece of worked leather and cut it to my desired shape. There are also pre-cut pieces you can buy. Then, I get a knife or a small sharp tool for this purpose and use it to cut a thin line into the leather. For more detailed designs, I might use a pen to draw on a piece of parchment, then secure it to the leather piece.

I was trying to find a good picture of what I have as my tools, but couldn't.

After I cut the design into the leather and take the paper off, I can begin tapping. The way that I go about this varies based on the particular piece. The tools have texture on the bottom of them, so that it leaves an impression in the leather when you hit it with a mallet. The different tools look different when you hit them. It actually takes quite a bit of precision and practice to get good at this. What stamp you use, how hard you hit it, where you hit, and the angle at which you hit it all take part in the process. I can give a simple design like a flower a lot of texture, depth, and shading with the stamp tools. I can also make some other designs using just the stamps, and muskrat all sorts of cool things. For instance, I've made coin pouches, bags and satchels, belts, coasters, wallets, bracelets, and key chains. As my next project, I'd like to make a nice sheath for a big fixed blade I'm going to buy myself.

Anyhow, when I'm happy with the trapping, I can start to finish it. The untouched leather is normally pretty light coloured at first, but the harder you hit it, the darker it becomes. This is another reason it can be a bit tricky. If I want to change the color, however, I can take a small stick, toothpick, or something similar, and dip it in water. Very carefully, I then color the desired places on the leather. The more water I use, the darker it becomes. That is for if I want additional shading out texture to it. If I want the piece to be darker overall, I can either take a sponge, piece of cloth, or my finger, and evenly and smoothly rub it over the surface. I must decide how it will look then, because there will be no turning back on the color after that.

The next step is to waterproof it. I normally use a sponge for this step. After lightly saturating the sponge in a quick-dry non-toxic leather solution, I hurry to rub it evenly over the entire surface of the piece, front and back. The color will now be permanent, and I can only do one other thing to it.

If the piece requires it, I can now add "accessories" to it. For example, I may choose to lace leather cord through holes that I poked out with an awl, add brads to holes to keep pieces together (like one of my coin pouches), or even sew other pieces together with a natural cord, like sinew (the stringy stuff that holds your muscles onto your bones with) or hemp cord.

Really, that's all that there is to it. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to post pictures of my materials or some projects.

Are you sure that I'm not annoying you? If I'm not, that's kind of weird, considering that most people aren't interested in this stuff.
commented Feb 19 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
No no I’m sure! This is actually really cool my dude! If you ever want to talk to me abt any your interests or anything else, you aren’t annoying me whatsoever! Btw what your b day? Could you possibly tell me the time you were born? It’s ok if not. I was born June 3rd at 10:55 am!
commented Feb 19 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Uhh. Yeah sure, kind of random question (but then again, look at me), so whatever. I was born on June 7th at 12:03 a.m. Three minutes past midnight. Kind of odd, though, that we're only four days apart, setting aside years.
commented Feb 19 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Wait you’re also a Gemini! Cool!! Sorry I like astrology ha
commented Feb 21 by DukeSilver (3,690 points)
Yep. "The twins." Honestly, some of my traits do match up with the Gemini's description.
commented Feb 21 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Yeah, same!!
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answered Feb 18 by Greenie
Is it ok if I comment on this?

1) yellow, green, pink...

2) Oregon.

3) BIDEN BRUH. BIDEN. I’m a hard dem. I agree with what Duke said, anyone but that crazy orange guy lol.

4) gymnastics, cooking, animals, babies/kids, sleeping, eating, reading, hangin’ with mah homies.

5) oh, bisexual. Pronoun? Female.

6) I think I want to live in NY or LA with 3 kids, (two boys and one girl, actually). Definitely an Olympic gymnast and doctor, the type who delivers babies. With a husband or wife, obvi.

So yeah, that’s it.
commented Feb 18 by jellyfishlover (48,560 points)
Woah, cool!!

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