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asked Feb 19 in Other by Depressed
I have hair growing on my private my mom said I fixing to have period soon!!! What should I do? Should I have a period bag? I am very anxious about it the blood just freaks me out!! I have cramps in my ribs! I sometimes have cramps not often though.  I am only 11! I have slime come out of my private  EVERY DAY! Its so hard! My panties are hard because the slimy stuff dries out! I can get easily annoyed by my stupied little brother cry! I know he's a baby sometime I wish he was NEVER born! My mom and dad are also abusive

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answered Feb 22 by ~Ash~ (91,810 points)

Hey Depressed,

Ah, the dreaded pre-period stress! My advice? Don’t worry about it! Periods are a natural part of being a girl, and I go through them too. If you get cramps, it could be a sign of PMS. Talk to your doctor for more information. If you get discharge (the slimy white goo) then wear a panty liner. They make things much easier. Once your period starts, wear pads because you don’t know if it’s going to become light or heavy. I suggest that you try tampons when you are a bit older. 

Also, I read that you’re parents are abusive. Do you have any relatives that can help you?



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answered Feb 22 by JD2005
Uh... Not to be offensive, but just sayin', this should have been marked as "girls only". :(
commented Feb 22 by ~Ash~ (91,810 points)
It was, on my device at least.
commented Feb 22 by kidzsearch (165,450 points)
Post has been edited to show it. Thanks for the feedback.
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answered Feb 20 by anonymous
Here is some info that I know: (I'm a girl)

One: I recommend that you get pads. Tampons are KIND of for older kids but u can use them too.

Two: You feel hard on your brother because you get mood swings.

Three: The 'slime' is a sign that your period will come. Don't worry, every girl gets it. It is completely normal:)

Four: Your age is normal to get a period.

Five: Cramps are very normal. It just means that your period is close.

Six: Just relax! Everything will be ok!


That's all I know! I hope this helps!    :)
commented Feb 21 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
A couple of your things are wrong. Not everyone only has a small amount of blood, it varies. Also, who told you tampons are only for 17+? They aren't. When you have your period, you can use either pads or tampons. Personally, I use pads because I find them more comfortable, but to some girls, tampons are more comfortable. It just depends on your comfort level. Some girls switch between them depending on their activity.
commented Feb 22 by anonymous
Hey I don't know much about periods I'm just learning them. I'll change some stuff u said but I didn't know! The only one who's teaching me is my mom!
commented Feb 22 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
It's okay! I didn't mean to sound rude or snobbish lol. Just informative!
commented Feb 23 by anonymous
Oh b/c it sounded like it.
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answered Feb 19 by Anonymous (3,150 points)
0_0 -_- 0_0

Rest in peace to any boys who clicked on this. Don't be so hard on your brother. And in general, don't ever say you wish someone was never born, especially if you're just annoyed. I doubt your parents are actually abusive, however, I don't know. Don't freak too much about your period. Keep some pads where ever you go, just in case. And take ibuprofen or acetometaphin when you have cramps or headaches.
commented Feb 20 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Not acetaminophen. It can cause some very serious kidney or liver problems. Ibuprofen would be a better choice.
commented Feb 20 by Anonymous (3,150 points)
Both are an equal risk for that actually. Either way, effective.
commented Feb 22 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Oh, are they? I'm only familiar with acetaminophen; I don't know much about ibuprofen.
commented Feb 22 by JD2005
Yeah, R.I.P., dear me. Uhh- Don't you guys think it's, like, too much personal info? 0.0
commented Feb 22 by ~Ash~ (91,810 points)
Don’t like it, leave the post.

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