Cryptid (Horror short)

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Thanks to all the other people who did a horror short!

Beware the siren.

I woke up to a loud siren.  'there's No fire engines in seven devils I should go back to sleep' But for some reason I couldn't then it struck me  'the creature... Is real!? Y.. Yes it is Mia yes it is.. Said a mysterious voice Behind the screams of the townspeople Running away from the beastly creature But I had to wake my older sister up So I pretty much ran back into the watch tower ignoring the boy  but his voice still lurked in my head  almost like my head was haunted..And it kind of was.. Anyways I woke up my sister to the Everday ''UGHHH what is it''    'No time to explain  Just Get down from the tower  NOW so she did surprisingly Then she saw it and grabbed a bat but it didn't seem to care then grabbed her... Then ate her And a few other humans.. BUT NOT ME!  It picked me up The noise was loud and I could see just 80 teeth up there and of  course this is the part of the story where you think Oh nO mIa iS gOinG tO diE!!! But nope this was the perfect time because I do have an extremely long rope so I struggled out of its grip and so I used my rope as a lasso and caught its feet. I ....I saved a town....  I said. Yes you did mia the voice said but then it took of the cloak.   GRANDPA!??!?

Yes it is me You have defeated a deadly cryptid be proud cinnamon bun.. Said grandpa  come on don't call me that! And ho- always told you to believe in ghosts.   who knows SIREN HEAD could lurk in a forest near YOU MWAHhahaha the end.

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You are a great writer!

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