The Irony of Cotton Candy

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Cotton candy was actually invented by a dentist.

Dentist William Morrison partnered with candy maker John C. Warton in 1897 to invent the cotton candy machine, which at the time was called. "Fairy Floss." We don't know if he made it just because, or if he made it to keep himself in business. If the latter is true, his plan worked.

The stuff's been giving kids cavities ever since.

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answered 1 day ago by ~Love_rainbowsrain~ (2,280 points)
Woah so cool I never knew that thxs! Where did you learn that at?
commented 23 hours ago by DukeSilver (3,480 points)
Pretty much, I'm just always reading random stuff in books, and asking people about things.
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answered 1 day ago by AnimalCrossingFan
What? It was!?
commented 23 hours ago by DukeSilver (3,480 points)
commented 14 hours ago by magicharrypottergal (11,560 points)

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