13 Types Of People At Most Schools

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asked Feb 25 in Other by Akila
Hey y'all i know it has been a dang while since I have posted something so why not post something that critisizes 90% of school students (Guys I'm Texan don't judge me). So let's start (Also this has nothing to do with the post but Kelly Clarkson is the best).

​1.The Early Bird they are the kids who get to class really early for no reason and always start studying before class they are so early the teacher is not even there

2.The Popular Boys they are those 4 boys that walk around thinking that they are cool and all of the straight girls have a crush on them they are mainly total bullies when you meet them and they munipulate other people to do stuff like there HW and they are really dumb

3.The Popular Girls they are the total divas who think they are better that everyone else and selfie addicts and rude bullies that are with Popular Boys

4.The Class Clown they are normally boys but can be girls they are the people who prank the teacher make the class laugh and other things like that they also sleep a lot in class and say their thoughts

5. The Problematic Student They are the kids with the smart mouth and are late and say that everyone is just early they also talk to the teacher with no respect they also the **** out of the teacher and the teacher never really has a come back they are enjoyable to watch

6. The "Toilet" Student they always ask to go to the bathroom and take forever and they never really go and they go in and play or something else and even when the teacher says no they get up and go they might wander to the vending machines or water fointains and maybe even steal stuff from the caffateria

7.The Love Birds they are that class BF and GF that always kiss in front of everyone and write notes to each other saying stuff like I miss you and I love you soooo much its mainly one popular guy and one popular girl

8.The Disobediant student he always gets yelled at and has his phone in class he never does what the teacher says and yep thats a summary

9.The Bully you know what a bully is they walk around insult everyone and act like people care about them they shove kids in lockers and other rude things

10.The Freeloader they ask a question then aswer it them selves and do whatever they want they are really funny

11. The player the one that cheats on his GF and does this over and over again

12. the Sabotager they mess with your lunch, work, and teacher they also take HW and blame others

13.The Detention Students they always wind up in detention and everyone thinks they did really bad things but they did not

That is all sorry for horibal spelling and goodbye also aswer which kid you are down below

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answered Feb 25 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
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I'm none of these lol. I'm the music kid who has ADHD and has to listen to music to focus, so I blast it loud enough I cannot hear anyone else but someone on the opposite side of the room can hear "Break" by Three Days Grace word-for-word.
commented Feb 25 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Oh, Luna....
commented Feb 25 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
While I still have headphones on.
commented Feb 26 by ~Love_rainbowsrain~ (3,580 points)
Same girl same
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answered Mar 4 by l0st s0uth (11,430 points)
I'm the detention student for sure
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answered Feb 26 by PrincessJelly (54,010 points)
Either freeloader, class clown, or girl who has undiagnosed ADHD, always reads during class, get’s mad at people who try to step on spiders, and sucks at math.
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answered Feb 26 by AnimalCrossingFan
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answered Feb 26 by ~Purple~ (33,570 points)
I’m the, “Toilet Student,” Except the only reason I go to the bathroom during each class is because I get anxious during class.
commented Feb 26 by Akila
Oh oki cool
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answered Feb 26 by ~Ash~ (91,810 points)
I’m a mix of all of them.
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answered Feb 26 by Azzylands biggest fan
I’m probably hmm probably the popular one at school and on zoom.
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answered Feb 26 by EloquentRacer92
I might be a Freeloader.
commented Feb 26 by Akila
Me too ish
commented Feb 27 by EloquentRacer92
I sometimes answer my questions.

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