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                 Clans Unite Academy
Chapter 1
The Beginning
Hi i’m Jessie where I live there are 12 different Clans each of them are separated but in the middle where I live the clans live in harmony here are the twelve and all of the info that I know:
● Magitonast
● Black/Purple Hair
● Symbol:Swirl
● Animal:Six Starrred Fish and cats
● Calm,Not Caring,Knowing
● Telekinesis
● Gripple Tyme
● Smart
● Kunai
● Karikai
● Purple Hair
● Symbol:Smoke
● Animal:Fox
● Clever tricky
● Form
● Anything
● Easily finds loopholes in others words
● All                      
● Ecomia
● Green Hair
● Symbol:Rock
● Animal:Groundhog
● ExE Gentle
● Earth
● Grass/Pine Needles
● Great force of nature
● Staff
● Tisoni
● Brown Hair
● Symbol:music notes
● Animal:Grasshopper
● Observant
● Uses sound
● Strings
● Radioactive sound waves
● Guitar
● Darfon
● Black hair
● Symbol:Black Crystal
● Animal:Crow
● Bad,Destructive,Mad
● Can fly
● Dark Blasts
● Scythe
● Lorili
● Yellow hair
● Symbol:Lighting bolt
● Animal:Pikachu
● Not patient,show off,not quitting
● Weak
● Metal bars
● shock
● Batons
● Whinsenica
● Gray/White hair
● Symbol:wind swirl
● Animal:Birds
● Calm,peaceful,responsable
● Can fly
● Clouds
● Wind/air
● shurikens   
● Siclom
● Gold hair
● Symbol:badge with striped inside
● Animal:Rabbit
● Fast,cocky,does not think things through
● Can see stuff slower
● AloeVera plants
● Speed
● Heavy Sword
● Honawai
● Light blue hair
● Symbol:electric eel
● Animal:electric eel
● Overpowered,lag,glitches
● Super fast
● Water
● Overloaded glitch/Hydrocity
● Lofon
● White hair
● Symbol:dove
● Animal:Dove
● Good,peacful,happy
● Light blasts
● Wanita
● Blue hair
● Symbol:Ocean
● AnimalFish
● Writing,working,smart
● Seaweed
● Swims well can breath underwater
● Spear
● Fioria
● Red hair
● Symbol:fire
● Animal:three eared fox
● Angry,strong,daring
● Fuji berry
● Fire superstrenth
● Katana
Those are the 12 clans. I live in the middle and I am starting Clan Unite Academy or CUA for short the odd thing is my mother is Wanita and my Father is a Magitonast so my hair is half dark purple and half dark blue i kind of look like this today
 Today is Sunday and tomorrow I start CUA. Jessie (mind) It’s finally my first day at UCA. It's great but the uniforms are terrible so I'll just wear a jacket over it and put on some pants instead of this disgusting skirt. Jessie (Real Life) “Hey mom” Jessie said while she started to make a fried egg
“Where's your uniform honey”
“Under my jacket. Where's dad?”
“In our room also watch out behind you”
“What do you oof” Jessie got tackled by her twin brother Alex
“Hey Jess” Alex said
Mom walks off
“ALEX are you trying to kill me”
“Uhh no”
“Well it sure did feel like it”
“Sorry Jess”
“Its ok’’
   Alex looks like this
 ”So Jessie you excited to be going to UCA”
“Absolutely Alex”
“Hey Alex do you want the fried egg”
Alex looked at the burnt fried egg “Who made it”
“I did”
“Then no”
“BRUH ok Alex but please do me a favor and wake up Ace”
“Ok but you wake up Kai”
“Jess where is your uniform”
“It's under my jacket”
“Oh oof”
Alex was knocked over by there little sister Ace
“Haha serves you right for tackling me”
Alex and Ace get up
“Lets go scare Kai” Ace says
All three children sneak into Kai’s room. They do rock paper scissors to see who will scare him. Alex won, Alex sat on Kai’s bed and patted his head and then put on a mask. He woke Kai up and when he saw the mask he screamed so loud Kai looked over and stared right at Ace. Ace got a worried look on her face 
“ACE!”kai yelled
Alex and Jessie leave
“Kai” Ace says
“Ace why did you tell Alex to scare me you”
His voice trailed off 
Ace And Alex look at each other and then at their dad In the doorway 
“Ace Alex this no way to talk or treat each other magitonasts are laid back and are chill to argue and wanitas are to peaceful to argue so stop”
Jessie walks in “and what if they act like fiorians or Ecomia”
ALex comes in too “yeah just because our parents are Wanita and Magitonast doesn't mean we cant be darfons or sicloms our hair changes you know and we live in the mixtype clan united type place so”
Oh yes I suppose that's right do your chores”
Jessie looks surprised and then calm
“Magitonast are to laid back to do chores”
Everybody laughed
Then their mom came “What's going on in here”
“I was just wondering that myself these kids are very funny” their dad said while he pointed to Jessie
Jessie blushed Ace pointed and laughed Jessie quickly put on a stern face
“Let us all go to UCA together as a family”  Alex suggested
“NO!” everyone except Alex yelled
“You guys are always so RUDE” Alex mumbled
Their mom walked out put her coffee on the table and started up the car
Everybody went into the living room and got ready
                             The Family
            Jessie                                                           Mom
                           Alex                                       Dad
                       Kai                                                            Ace
After we got ready everyone climbed into the car and first Mom drove and dropped Dad off at his office and then she drove to her meeting and Alex took over and drove to UCA. 
Chapter 2
After Alex turned off the car Ace took Kai’s backpack “STOP!” Alex yelled “If we are going to go to UCA I don't think they want to know that there classmates are siblings so don't speak of each other unless its needed ok”  “OK” everyone agreed Ace got out of the car and walked to the doorway and waited then a few minutes later Kai got out and walked straight to the office Alex said that he already knew everything that he needed to know so he was going straight to homeroom alex walked out of the car and it was just me sitting there in an empty car with nobody else so of course i turned the radio on and then got bored grabbed my backpack and dashed to the doorway and pretended to text on my phone and when i got there Ace finally looked up from the phone and ran inside. A few minutes passed and I saw Ace walk out of the office but I wondered why she was staring at her phone like a mutated frog and I need to tell you this right now I have a very big Imagination sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I could fly I usually imagine myself like this.
 I walked in and got my schedule. I ran to my new UCA locker and put my stuff in. I looked over and saw a girl with big curly orange hair and designer jeans with a blue shirt and about 7 layers of lip gloss and then more designer shoes I thought she was a CCP (Cute Cool and Popular) kid so I stayed away from her and then she stared at me and walked up to me and said “Hey new kid you're invited to my birthday party but first you have to get some actual clothes what you are wearing looks like you got it from a dumpster” her two CCP friends giggled “I’m Silvia i’m the queen bee around here got it and these are my most loyal BFFs Katy and Maria what's your name” 
“Jessie, and these clothes are not from a dumpster i’m just not rich like you but be sure to take some of that lip gloss off its ugly“ I said with anger and then I realized I just insulted the queen bee I thought she hated my guts now and she expressed well then she got all up in my face like that lip gloss she was wearing and said “I promise you I am going to make your life miserable you little swamp stick” I just rolled my eyes at that girl and grabbed my pencil and notebook. ♦️♦️♦️♦
                                       Ace’s Beginning of school
Ace walked down the halls staring at her phone while walking to her locker she bumped into a guy “I’m so sorry” she stammers she looks at him “Your ecomia” she said
“Yep” he says “and your wanita” 
“No i’m half magitonast half wanita so a half yes i don't know” she helps him up 
“Well I never got your name I’m Ean and you are” 
“oh i’m Ace” ace says Ace hears a familiar voice so looks across the hall “Oh no oh no oh no” Ace starts panicking Ean looks at her “What's wrong” he asked “It’s Camila I know her voice she hated my guts at my old school” A girl with white hair and a school uniform walked up to her “Where's your A game huh did they leave you yet” Ace stared into her beady little eyes “Hey camila maybe you should go away you know because nobody wants to see your hairy legs nice to see you tarantula” Camila growls and looks at some strong guys and whines “She and her friend have been bullying me hurt them please” Ace and Ean exchange worried looks a guy comes up to Ean and punches Ean dodges and hits him with a earth wall Ace grabs some kids water bottle and controls the water to slash at them. A girl in jeans and a orange shirt and some long boots a cowboy hat and long red hair jumps in and makes fire “Alright y’all what's going on” “It’s camila she got those guys to think that I was hurting her now they are coming for us” Ace says
“Us?” The girl said
“Hey” Ean waves to her 
“Oh hey” the girls says “Well I’ll help you beat these guys its 3 on 3 now it’s a fair match”
The first guy makes lightning and strikes it at Ace. Ace Jumps back and at the slightest inch of her leg to high it got zapped. “OW!” she yelled and fell to the ground. Ean looks and makes earth spikes to throw at the lighting guy he obliterates them into dust. The girl throws about 10 fireballs at them in 1 minute all of them are burned and hurt “Now that'll teach you guys not to mess with because when you mess with you’re playing with fire” she makes her hand on fire and then puts it out and walks off. A guy throws an ice shard at the back of her head. A girl catches it right before it gets to her head and keeps it ”You need to stop standing up for new kids. They need to learn their way around ``''Not a chance Izzy not a chance”. Ean stands there looking at Ace, he looks at the guys and sticks them in the back. He starts to blink back tears wishing that this never happened. Ean tells his best friend Mark to help him help her, there was nothing they could do. Ace starts to blink fast, she gets up and hugs Ean “I missed you” Ean sits there confused “What you missed me”
“Yeah silly”
“But you, what”
“Who is that Ean”
“He is my friend Mark”
“Hey” Mark smiles shyly and turns his head back to the floor
“What’s with him”
“I think he likes you”
Ace takes off her scrunchie and fixes her hair.
                                         Kai’s Beginning of School
Kai goes to his locker and looks through his stuff and grabs a farfu stick a random Ecomia takes it and says “Come and get it nerd”
Kai looks surprised “Nerd I don't even wear glasses”
“Oh ok but still come and get your wish stick”
“Wish stick you bully wannabes aren't that smart such a shame”
“Just come and get it waterboy”
“Actually I am not Wanita I am half wanita half magitonast also you can have the stick you are not worth my time good-bye” In Kai’s mind he saying “Man they were scary” another guy comes back and says “Hey I heard you were getting bullied by my boys was it scary”
Kai looks up and frowns “Your boys were pathetic they need so more school I will try to go and make sure they get their full curriculum” Kai starts to walk and the guy says in a huantoing voice and pinned Kai against the wall “You calling my boys stupid” 
“Yeah basically” Kai grabs a spear and creates water with it and turns it into ice blades and throws them at him at a precise angle where it quickly pinned the guy against the wall. Kai walks up to him “So do you want to be an enemy of mine bro” “No” the guy says scared “That’s what I thought” Kail walks off and sees his best friend from his old school “Hey bro I thought I would never see you again” they fist bump “Kai I thought you would never move 
dude you don’t know how much I missed you. Yo meet my band can you play drums”
“You know I can play drums. What is the band name” 
“I can’t decide but here I am lead singer and guitarist. Here’s my buddy, Brandon he plays the keyboard and here comes Mike the bassist”
“Cool I have to get to class is was nice seeing you” Kai walks off happy a random girl bumps into him and falls down “Are you ok” Kai asks
“Ugh why is that the only question people ask me I can take care of myself”
“It's just a reflex I guess sorry maybe you should”
She cuts Kai off “Ugh just because i’m a girl does not mean I need bodyguard”
“Wait bodyguard what I was going to say maybe you should watch where you're going so this does not happen again” Kai looks at her she is wearing a long black cloak without a hood and whit belt around her waist with light blue like the color of ice with water under it she gets up and dusts herself off. Kai walks to his class.
                                   Alex’s Beginning of School
Alex put on his headphones and walked to his locker and listened to music. He opened his locker and put his stuff in. A young kid walked up to him and asked “Hello mister i’m lost I need to get to my locker its number 917” “Oh ok” Alex said her led the child across the hall and remembered he left his locker open and saw someone with his wallet he ran as fast as his legs could take him when he got there he closed his locker and chased the girl with his wallet. He made an Ice board and slid through the hallways dodging everyone. At the last moment before the girl got out of the school he jumped off of his ice board and tackled her. She looked up “Get off of me you thief”she said
“Thief you stole my wallet”
“What this is mine” she opened it and realized he tackled Ace 
The kids around them whispered. The same girl that invited Jessie to her party steeped up “You trash bags  get up and get you invitations also girl your ugly” Ace get up and the CCP pushes her “Shove me again like that and your gonna see how ugly I can get'' Alex gets up “What is with your lips'' Jessie runs up to her “How about to water to wash of your lip gloss swamp stick” Ace and Jessie control water and splash her face she runs off putting mor lip gloss on. Jessie leaves Kai goes to the music room and Ean comes
 “Ace who is this and why did he tackle you”
 “Well umm well he’s an old friend and he thought I stole his wallet because ours are identical heh heh” Ace explained  Alex gets up “Hey i’m Alex and you are” 
Mike runs to Ace yelling “YOUR TESTS AREN’T FINISHED!” Ace looks over “heh heh gotta go she runs from Mike''ACE COME BACK YOUR HURT'' Ean runs after them Alex stand their alone in the hallway he scratches his head with confusion then shrugs and then puts his hands in his pockets and walks to class. At the end of their last class they all rode home in their dad's RV car. Ace randomly said “I got invited to go on a field trip to a real science lab because I got put into an over advanced science class.” She held up to form to prove it. Kai said “Cool Ace you're gonna be surrounded by nerds in science.” 
“Some of those nerds are my friends”
“So your a nerd too go get some glasse you read too much”
“At least I got a boyfriend”
“PARDON!” her mom yelled calmly “Did you say boyfriend”
“No just trying to make Kai jealous”
“Well I met a 2 new friends” 
“Oh that’s nice honey you made some new friends”
“Yeah yeah we know you made lots of friends'' Jessie interrupted “Well I got someone to hate my guts and splashed them with water”  “oh” her mom says slightly disturbed “Well I got back with my band” Kai says “Oh nice honey what instrument do you play flute” their mom starts playing the flute “Hey could you please STOP making that wood sound like a bird.” Jessie asked “No not until everyone yells at me” “STOP” everyone yells “Okay okay” she puts the flute up “Oh and I play drums'' Kai says “Honey we don’t have the garage for that” “wait who said I was practicing here Ace couldn’t her her favorite song even if it was blasting in her own ear she does not know what music is.” 
“Yes I do you lazy rock hard food wasting drum playing” she jumps down from the loft and starts pulling on Kai’s face like she was trying to rearrange it. Kai pushes her off of him “My face is fine” “Your face is hideous” Ace yells she charges at him Jessie holds Ace back she kicks wildly while saying“You awful no good somewhat of a wanita” Kai charges at Ace “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ACE YOU SASSY COLD HEARTED” “Ok so lets stop with the insults before we go too far” Alex interrupts and holds Kai back “THERE IS NO TOO FAR WITH THIS TERRIBLE CAT LOVER!” Jessie and Alex bind them to the walls of the car with ice and duct tape their mouths. Jessie stands in the middle of the RV zoning out. Jessie passes out. Jessie wakes up later that day. She gets out of bed and walks to the kitchen. She grabs an apple and chews it. Kai starts playing his drums in the garage “HEY MOM WHO SAID OUR GARAGE WAS TOO SMALL HUH I WAS RIGHT”. Jessie hears a whole entire band playing then she hears Ace start singing a song she starts humming her mom and dad come rushing in the living room “Honey are you still hot” her mom asked “No” Jessie replied “Oh I must of passed out because I was hot” “Yes honey you see Pete she is not in a coma” “What did you just say” “Your dad never thought you were in a coma” Jessie rolled her eyes and walked down to the garage and saw Ean and Ace alone. She slowly placed a camera on top of their dad's car facing them and slowly backed back up their stairs. “Oh hey Jessie I did not see you come in'' Ace frowns and knocks the camera off the car she stomps to Jessie and says “Were you trying to record us” “Well yeah I thought you were going to kiss” “JESSIE WHY!” “Can I just sit over here in the corner and watch you guys play” “Sure” “So what's that song you were singing and why it's not like Kai let you in his band” “Actually Kai did let me in his band he needed a singer and Ean plays the guitar and the song is called “Set It All Free” “oh okay whats the band called” “Its called Severed Sandstone because we all have the same yellow band around our instruments and there is piece of sandstone on each of the bands it’s severed for me It’s around the microphone.” She shows Jessie the mic “Cool” Jessie says “Oh Ean this is my sister Jessie Jessie this is Ean I will let you two meet each other until the rest of the band gets back I have stuff to do anyway” Ace walks down the street and passes out flyers for their band. Ean looks at Jessie “Soo” he puts his hand on his neck “ Hi you must be Ean Ace’s boyfriend” “What boyfriend no no we are just friends” “That’s what they all say anyway you wanna give me some guitar lessons” “Oh ok sure if you insist.” “So by age from youngest to oldest your family Jessie. “Oh okay well so first me and Alex were born as twins and then 7 days later Kai and Ace were born and we are going to have our first single boy no twin. “Oh cool” Jessie puts the guitar on Jessie plays a great hard tune “Wow your a natural” “It's not the first time i’ve held a guitarI remember Alex playing his fake toy drums and I was playing a plush guitar” Jessie takes the guitar off and puts it up she looks right into Eans eyes “What” “Nothing” she sees the rest of the band “Hey Kai Ace is coming I really liked the song that you were playing” Jessie sits back in the corner Alex comes down and grabs the camera off of the floor and starts recording Ace comes back “I passed out all of the flyers for our show” “Cool we are rehearsing our song now” They start playing. 
“Chris and Ean went really far on that guitar solo” 
“Yeah” Alex agrees 
“Look at Kai he is killing those drums” 
“Yeah and Ace is singing her hardest” 
“Wait that’s odd” 
“What’s odd?”
“Ean, he is staring at Ace and Ace is looking back at him”
“Alex I Know you are overreacting”
“I’ll just talk some sense into this guy”
“Ok fine”
Chapter 3
The Past
It was 10 minutes before the Severed Sandstone’s performance. Ace walks out on stage and the rest of the band follows. “Who’s ready to rock!?” Ace yells The crowd goes wild “Over here we have Ean the guitarist and then we have Nickolas the lead guitarist and on the other side of the stage we have Brandon the keyboardist and then Mike the bassist and then my brother on drums, Kai then me lead singer Ace!” The crowd goes wild. “First is Couldn’t be better.” They start playing Couldn’t Be Better. Then they play their best and most difficult song Set It All Free. The crowd goes wild and posts their performance on social media. “We are the Severed Sandstone” They leave the stage and check social media and see their performance. Ace says “OMG!” She looks at the comments and sees a news reporter say “How would your band like to be interviewed tomorrow at Ace’s house? of course they said “Yes” the band walked off stage and got their instruments delivered in time for the interview. Ace woke up super early and woke up Kai. “What” Kai asked in a very annoyed and tired voice “Today we have the interview” 
“Oh ok Alice” 
 “I told you to never ever in you life to call me alice”
“But it’s your name”
“Whatever anyway I got you some new drumsticks your old ones looked breakable so I broke them”
“You sound like a child- wait you broke my drumsticks”
“Yeah-now get up and put your uniform on please”
“Yeah yeah i’m on it”
“Good” Ace walks out of the room and bumps into her mother.
Her mother falls down “Ace! What act of rudeness was that my coffee is ruined” she stomps off “You now you should worry more about your shirt than the coffee” 
Her dad comes out and yells at Ace 
Ace starts crying “Wait why am I crying and don’t know what 3x6 is” Ace asks herself in her head she looks at her hands “what in the world i’m a kid again how and why” “this must be the day my mom got her water powers taken and then put back in herself”
“AHHH” a scream comes from the kitchen. Ace stops crying and jumps inside a box and hides in it until her dad closes the top. She hears Kai’s voice from inside the box. Kai opens the box and jumps inside 
“Kai” Ace says scardly “I’m scared” 
“So am I but who cares right we have Jessie and Alex “ 
“yeah but just wewlying on tose guys isn’t enough they are till kids wike us tey have got to get scared sometime wight”
“I like this box, it's comfy” Kai gets out and drags the box outside. He uses his magic to dig holes throughout the walls of the house fastly he cuts the box open on both sides and makes a doorway and an exit “Here you go Alice I made your own tunnels and you have your own living space under the house” “Thank you brother” Ace says. 
Chapter 4
The Performance
Ace walks into the kitchen at 3:00 AM and starts to make an omelet for her mother who would be awake soon. 

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