The girls have been doing this, and I'm bored, so why not?

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asked Mar 2 in Fashion/Style by DukeSilver (6,920 points)

First and foremost, credits to Greenie and jellyfishlover. I did not think of this myself.

You'll get the idea of "My Style." Dirty sorry if this was too weird or a waste of your time.

(I wanted to put in some..."pew-pews," but figured KS wouldn't allow it. Also, in addition to wearing stuff like this, I always smell like some of the following: bay rum, whiskey, sage, cedar, sandalwood, leather, wood smoke, tobacco leaf, etc. Pretty much the smells from before men were scented with citrus fruits and flowers and rose petals. Oh, and sorry if you don't like the knives. I almost got carried away with them, but stopped myself. I like knives. And the jewelry, besides the projectile point, isn't exactly mine, but they're the best and closest I could find. The metal necklace is a Norse Viking traveling/protection pendant, that's also double-sided. All of my jewelry is handmade, minus the watch.)

Vintage 1970s Frye Brown Leather Cowboy Boots Men's 10 1/2 | EtsyCasio Man 100 M, Forester man Watch, FT500WVB-5B | eBayMetaphysical Wholesale Supplier of Shark Tooth shaped Agate Arrowhead Leather Wrap Pendant in ...Helm of Awe Pendant, Viking Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Men's Jewelry, Nordic Necklace ...Wolf Head Leather Cuff Bracelet - PurpliKiWorld's Best Dirty Feet Stock Video Clips and Footage - Getty ImagesNavy SEALs or Cowboys? | Harlequin BlogFilson Life - Trade Stories: Phillip Lee McGinnis, Sublette County Cowboy | Filson        WESTERN BANDANA RED ($10) liked on Polyvore featuring accessories, scarves, bandana, hats ...Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife 11" Olive Wood Handle Stainless Blade Skinner + SheathSurvivor HK-782L Brown Wood Handle Fixed Blade Knife | Gorilla SurplusMADCAP ENGLAND Retro 60s Mod Corduroy Western Jacket Black   Stetson Hats and Apparel - Over 30,000 items & 300 styles of cowboy hats, boots and apparel in ...        Real Deal Brazil Hat waterproofed with Filson Wax | Brazil, Hats, Cowboy hats   : Buy Cowboy Belt Brass Bull Buckle Mens Belts Luxury Genuine Leather Men Belt ...  Mens Stetson Sunset Ride 4X Mink Fur Felt Cowboy Hat SBSSRD 413423 - J.C. Western® Wear                                                                              

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answered Mar 4 by JD2005
That's pretty cool, Duke!
commented Mar 4 by AbbyTigerGirl

Wow! It's super cool! smile-sunglasses 

commented Apr 13 by *Roll*
Love ur style!
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answered Mar 3 by l0st s0uth (11,340 points)
You got taste my mans
commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Thanks. You'll never see me in a golf shirt or decorated tee.

And, by the way, I didn't include anything with my hair because I keep my hair short with a fade, but also because every time I'm in public, I'm wearing a hat.
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answered Mar 3 by PrincessJelly (53,990 points)
Oooh fAnUcY. I-I’m sorry. Hashsdhkjfbm. You’re probably like the only country boy I like. Bc yk, most of them chew on grass and support the orange guy. Oh random, but yesterday I learned how to light a match! Cool, huh?
commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Thanks, and yeah, it is. The next step after lighting a match is putting it out with your fingers. It's pretty neat, but you don't have to start putting them out like that right away, if you don't feel comfortable with it. It's scary at first, but do it more and you'll kind of enjoy it. (At least, I do.)
commented Mar 3 by l0st s0uth (11,340 points)

Country men are the best men. They may be unattractive to me, but they sure all the coolest breed of manly men tomatoe

commented Mar 3 by PrincessJelly (53,990 points)
Actually Silver, I’ve done that before! Although I did burn myself a bit, ha...
commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
I didn't know that we were a "cool" "breed," but okay!
commented Mar 3 by Ammy-k (41,710 points)
Well, I mean, guns, so of course they support the Orange one.
commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)

Most of the people out here in the country are Republicans. But Montana was a pretty purple state until the 2016 (Trump vs. Clinton) election. Personally, I hate Trump, but that's why I think that it's important that people understand that there are more than two options. My family (my parents, anyway; don't get me started on my crazy grandparents) has never voted for anything but third-party. Saying that, I think that we all enjoyed Obama. Yes, countryfolk do like our second amendment. But we also don't like the "gov'ment" (a Montana word). Sorry for my political rant; I just wanted to say that I'm not with the orange guy...

commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Oh, and Jelly, to not burn yourself, you might consider licking the tips of your fingers before extinguishing it. It isn't necessary, but it sure helps to not get burnt.
commented Mar 4 by PrincessJelly (53,990 points)
Ok thank you! And no problem, I understand the political thing!
commented Mar 4 by PrincessJelly (53,990 points)
Thank you sm Silver, licking my fingers does work! I've put out a ton of candles lol it's kinda fun
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answered Mar 2 by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)
Nah, they’d probably let u post a pic of the gun you want :)


I mean, they’ve let in my drawings of guns before o.o
commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Oh. Hm. Interesting....
commented Mar 3 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
And where are your firearm pictures? Just curious...
commented Mar 3 by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)
I’ll post one tomorrow :D
commented Apr 20 by magicharrypottergal (20,540 points)
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answered Mar 2 by ~Ash~ (91,750 points)
commented Mar 2 by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
Eh. How 'bout you?
commented Mar 3 by ~Ash~ (91,750 points)
I might make one.

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