Stuff you might not know about me!

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asked Mar 4 in Jelly's blog by PrincessJelly (54,020 points)

Here are some things that you might know about me!

-I have a 7-year-old younger sister

-I live with both parents

-My entire family is from Italy, I probably have some ancestry from Greece and maybe Spain

-I'm a Gemini!

-I have both anxiety and depression :( but it's ok, because every time I push through rough times, it makes me stronger!

-I'm currently in the process of diagnosing my ADHD

-I'm kinda taken? It's complicated

-K this is lowkey creepy, but I don't get bothered by dead animals or humans being cut open

-My grandpa died when I was little

-I'm kinda small, 4'10 lol

-I was born in California! 

-I used to have a pet crab, she lived for a year and a half before dying in September 2020

-I do horseback riding!

-I like crystals! They're so prettyyyy

-I have gone through that one phase where I was CONVINCED I was a mermaid (my tail was invisible apparently-) *face palm* *laughs nervously*

-I didn't learn how to properly swim till I was 10! I still kinda freestyle it though, sparklessophisticatedsparkles swimming is complicated-

-I know how to speak Italian, although not completely fluent simce I speak English almost all the time, and I know a few words and phrases in French

-I can kinda understand Spanish since it's very similar to Italian

-I'm going into middle school this August

-I'm in love with country boys who have brown hair, are 13, their names start with A, get really excited when talking about their interests (it's adorable), and are perfect :D

That's about it!

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answered Mar 8 by Yassss
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answered Mar 5 by JD2005
Cool! :D
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answered Mar 4 by ~Ash~ (91,820 points)
The last one tho LMBO
commented Mar 5 by PrincessJelly (54,020 points)
commented Mar 5 by JD2005
Yeah... LOL.
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answered Mar 4 by Greenie

I’m smaller than you

4’8 lol
commented Mar 4 by PrincessJelly (54,020 points)
Omg lollll

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