THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME (Inspo from Jelly, Purple, etc)

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asked Mar 7 in General Blogs by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
  • I have been here 4 years
  • I love cottagecore and ethereal vibes >:)
  • I’m a fantasy gurl and I identify as elf queen lollll-
  • I am straight and cis, but I’m not big on labels lol
  • My fave color is seafoam (basically aqua mint green)
  • I have hazel eyes which are rare :p
  • I really like Latin phrases
  • I am part German, Irish, Scottish, American Indian, British, and indirectly Japanese because my nana’s male relative, who isn’t Japanese, married a native Japanese which is so cool o.o
  • I passed my written driver’s test first time >:3 (still have to try out for the course tho, I’m still learning)
  • I like earthy colors
  • I love dogs, cats, fancy rats, Guinea pigs, goats.., lotsa animals
  • I took tap when I was young
  • I am a red belt rank 2 (almost black belt) in Krav Maga
  • I am short (5’2”) T.T
  • I am a quadruplet, and the oldest of mah siblings
  • I am really into researching abuse and crime cases but only if they’re cracked and said criminal is dead/behind bars...
  • I like cartoons still, mainly Amazing World of Gumball
  • I wanna do manga or concept art, I think I’m oki at art :)
  • I like spicy food and hot sauce and chicken nuggets and things and Reese’s 
  • I don’t like shoujo anime- except Teresama Teacher, nice manga, very funny 
  • I won KS’s writing contest in 2016 <3
  • I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry...
  • I like zombie, pandemic, comedy, and gory films lol
What’s do u know about me that’s special :o
commented Apr 26 by Thalia
I wish you were my sisters \friend .your kind of like me

 I hope we can be friends on kidztalk

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answered Mar 8 by Izzy
Cool! Also I have one more thing to ask you, how old are u?

Loved learning about you and I love Katy Perry too!!
commented Mar 9 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)



I said “I’m not a big fan of Katy” lol. I used to like her music when I was 6, then... yeah, then I learned some stuff about her :<

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answered Mar 8 by ~Purple~ (33,580 points)
Elf Queen yasssss

And I NEVER could have guessed you weren’t a fan of Katy Perry, NEVER *sarcasm*

Although I knew a whole ton of this, I consider us friends lol
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answered Mar 8 by ~Ash~ (91,820 points)
I knew most of this, I wasn’t even here for a week, lmbo
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answered Mar 7 by LunaLight (133,380 points)

I knew most of this. Also, I like seafoam. Whenever I use an albino color scheme, I just feel compelled to use seafoam for some reason. For shoujo, I like Kamisama Kiss (the romance anime with the yokai), it's funny for the most part. I don't really watch much shoujo either. Most are pretty boring. But Kamisama Kiss actually has, ya know, a plot. And it doesn't revolve around the relationship, there are other important events in the anime too, it's not just romance. And then you have animes like Anime Twilight Vampire Knight. Blech. VK's drama is overwhelming, and despite all the twists and turns, it has no plot. I couldn't get through a season. Love triangles are so dumb and cliche. I feel like a lot of authors resort to them but with VK, it's the entire point. 



Also, carpe diem. 

commented Mar 7 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,880 points)
commented Mar 7 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
*coughs* Alrighty then. Lol.
commented Mar 8 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,880 points)
*looks like a dunce* yeah probably should have been more private...
commented Mar 8 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
Lol. It be fine it's just me going "C-rap, how do I react to this"
commented Mar 8 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,880 points)
Oh ok yeah sooo are you on KN
commented Mar 9 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
I am! My username isn't that different, I just added "moon" in the middle and no caps lol.
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answered Mar 7 by l0st s0uth (11,430 points)
"I'm not a big fan of Katy Perry...."

ah yes, i didnt know that hehe
commented Mar 7 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
Yes lol
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answered Mar 7 by JD2005
6. Hazel eyes? Sounds cool! Would love to see 'em if I could. How about an #EyeReveal on KN lol?

8. Wow. So many O.O (BTW, glad to see you've got connections with my country too, lol.)

17. Same! I'm almost 16, but I still like cartoons! :)

18. What do you mean by you're "okay" at art? I mean, seriously? YOU'RE AMAZING AT ART GEM, ADMIT IT.

23. *Cough*
commented Mar 7 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)

6. I should :0


8. As an American I am required to be a melting pot of nationalities lol


17. Y e s 


18. Okay I admit it lol


23. *adverts eyes* cough 

commented Mar 8 by JD2005

6. Thanks for posting it! You have pretty eyes! :D

8. Also, now I can see genetic reasons behind you being a "Japan geek". JK LOL.

commented Mar 8 by anonymous
I'm Greek and American!

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