Ok so my get to now me was not the best so here is some stuff about me!

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asked Mar 8 in Other by Dog lover
Hi Here is some stuff about me!

I love dogs especially mine!

I like the color pink.

I play roblox and Minecraft.

I LOVE Carmel.

My hopes and dreams are to 1 have boba every day and 2 live in Dublin in a manor with 2 well behaved kids.

Oh did I Mention I have a dog?

I have brown eyes.

I play soccer and just started lacrosse.

I dislike the girls column but I have no care for the boys column either (The boys column is barley a thing!)

I have many crushes! (Don’t you dare tell!! )

I love graphic novels.

I have a twin sis.

I am on the tall side.

I wear clip on earrings (not that it matters to you all)

I dress to impress!

I like designing houses.


I can’t ever thing of eating meat without saying DAD MOM! (Because it is so sad) PS I have a soft spot for all animals

I can read all night (and have!)

I HATE school!

And ekkk have to go to school right now BRB!

Ok back um where was I.... *thinks hard* hhhmmmmm does it matter?

Ok um I love chocolate German cake with coconuts on top.

I LOVE BOBA TEA! *thinks maybe dad could order me some right now*

Has been doing this page for over 20 mins.

Does not care for dark chocolate. (Next time I get some I will tell you so you can eat it) *not really*

Ummmmm ok and also I do the art contest called: ART CONTEST!!! :D ps I get exited A LOT ok.

Ok I am done typing ahhh hand cramp!

3 mins later.... Ok all good well uh that’s it from wut I can tell you all and SO SORRY it took forever.

Luv Dog lover

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answered Mar 9 by YELLOW
:O Why don’t you like the girls advice column? It’s a helpful resource for girls. I’m confused.......
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answered Mar 9 by ~Ash~ (91,770 points)
I’m a cat person >:)
commented Mar 9 by L e t s c h a t t o d a y 1 2 3 4 5
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answered Mar 9 by Kat ♡︎
Lol ikr school :p
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answered Mar 8 by AnimalCrossingFan
Awww I love animals too. But really I like underwater animals, puppies, horses, and bunnies! (I was so sad that my cousins bunny is sold)

I also looove pink!

I play both but for some reason I can't spawn a world in Minecraft...awkward

I want a doggg

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