Is This A Medical Problem?

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asked Mar 12 in All Advisors by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,880 points)
Weird things keep happening its like I don't care about myself and like other people are controlling my body and when I wake up I can't see it is like I'm blind I just see black and then after I close my eyes I can see again I also tend to fall over and trip on my feet I also hallucinate and say stuff that I don't intend on saying. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

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answered Mar 14 by knight but i cant say knight
This has happened to me before. It's not a mental issue is what I'm getting from your des. Your blood flow may not be getting to your head? Anyways, it's not mental, it's something happening to your body.
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answered Mar 14 by Pumpkin (755,010 points)
You should consult a doctor. That sounds serious.
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answered Mar 13 by LunaLight (133,490 points)

Likely it's something like schizophrenia or maybe some sort of sleep paralysis, it could be a medical thing if it is relating to brain stuff and motor functions. My thoughts are that you are possessed or smt with the symptoms lol. I mean, possession would make the most sense with the symptoms lol. Actually, if it's more of a "real" thing relating to possession, MPD/DID maybe.

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answered Mar 12 by PrincessJelly (54,030 points)
Hmm, I think you should check with a doctor. Tell your parents, you might be schizophrenic, or it could be a medical problem.

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