I am almost depressed...please help :( :( :( [poll]

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asked Mar 16 in Personal by Ada4 (15,560 points)

COVID has ruined my life, but mostly because of this; look, I'm sure corona has effected your mental health a bit, too. There are multiple problems in my life, and 80 percent have to do with this stupid pandemic. But the one crazy issue that has effected me most. I'm..not meeting ANYONE.

My parents don't even care about my mental health, they care about my sisters. They take my little sister on playdates every week, no mask, no nothing, and my parents hang out with my sister's parents. They say "it is important to socialize". Are they looking AT ME? Whenever I'm like "Mom, can I safely meet so and so at the park, you know with masks" She like-"No, they are not taking covid preacautions" Oh god, you know, my sister's friends, they don't even wear masks, my friends on the other hand are quarinting themselves, and they hardly come near me, they stay in distance, wear mask, they are taking precautions!!! 

My sister's friends-well, they chose to go to school, they don't wear masks in front of us, or anyone else, they are going to BIG PARTIES! Do you think this is fair. Now, a long time ago, every one in our class used Google Hangouts from our school Google account. And our school counsler said that we are allowed to use the Google Hangouts chat to each other, because not being able to hang out-has really effected our mental health.

But now, our teacher says-"The school rules are that we cannot use Google Hangouts our any chats on our computers" but the counsler said, you know what she said. THIS IS NOT FAIR. Another kid in my class was like "But teacher, how else will we hang out"? And she was like, "Oh-my little 4th grader talks on Snapchat". But I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE SNAPCHAT!! Well, I have some other safe social medias and texting apps/websites. And I should've asked my friends for their contact info, but then I was like, uhh, well, we already can talk to each other on Hangouts.

So then a kid asked, "how will we ask our friends for their Snapchat info if we can't even talk to them"??? So our teacher was like-"ask your parents for your friends contact info" Oh god, she is so dumb, forgive me, but how will our parents just have our friends contact info, without-just forget it, you know what I mean; besides we are in middle school, parents aren't a big thing when it comes to friendship, wer'e independent now.

Now when my dad talked to me about this, he said I can go and hangout my friends for their contact info, but I don't think my teacher will allow us to do that, she was sooo scrict about this thing, we can't even ask for school help or just talk about random nice stuff. 

So I am too scared to ask my teacher, but I cry every day about this, and my teacher is litterally the worst, she sometimes accuses me and my classmates for something that we didn't do, and she embarrasses us in front of the whole class, like once she said to me, "What is your problem, stop watching TV, and pay attention". But I wasn't, I have a moniter so I was looking at my moniter, my camera is on my computer. When I said that she thought that i was making excuses.

And since I am soooo sad about this, I litterally lost a best friend just because of my stupid teacher. Should I just hangout my friend (on the school thing that we are not allowed to use, and just not care) to tell her my contact info and to check how she is doing? Or should I just not care about my lonliness and nothing about it.

Or, should I take some deep breaths...and email my teacher for permission if we can ask our friends for their contact info? Maybe I should talk through it with my parents. Please, just please help me out here, you have saved my life, if you help me. You might be going through this issue too. Plz plz plz just tell me what to do, or you can take the poll on what I should do.

Just not care about it (1 vote, 17%)
Ask my teacher if I can ask my friend for their contact info (0 votes)
Just hangout my friend, and not care cuz I am so sad (2 votes, 33%)
Talk about it with parents (3 votes, 50%)
commented Apr 12 by Ada4 (15,560 points)

Hey everyone, TYSM for your answers and help, but I talked about it with the counsler, she said we can trade contact info's using school account but just for contact info, no use of school account after that, so I traded my Hangouts, Skype, Roblox, etc. with my classmates, I'm so happy!!!!!! This all happened today btw, I emailed my friend for her contact info.

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answered Apr 10 by Horse Mad Girl

I would choose..................... HMMMM


that is probrably the best option because if ur school get's mad at u then jus' deal with it and talk 2 them about y u did it!!!!!!!!!!!! 

PS: tell them about ur teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If u talk 2 her about it then maybe she would change her mind and c-ing her failure's it might actually help show her how she could do better in making her student's happy. If u tell her how u feel about it and do exact detail about how ur Parent's make it unfair 4 u and how she isn't making it any easier 4 u. 

PPS: Jus' tell her.


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answered Mar 17 by ~Ash~ (89,470 points)
You need to convince your parents to let you go. Explain your reasoning and tell them what they do with your sisters.
commented Mar 17 by Ada4 (15,560 points)

Hey, thanks so much for helping me out, but I don't really think my parents care, I have tried to tell them what's not fair and what's going on, they just say "COVID is a crazy mess for everyone, there's nothing we can do", that's what my mom says-at least, my dad just says, "You can contact your friend with your school account-but only for asking contact info". 

Now, I have also talked to them about my sister thing, they say "they are your friends too, just because they are younger doesn't mean you can't make friends with them". Sure! I love little kids!'s not the same, they don't know that much stuff, they're 5!!!! I do play with them, but I can't talk to them like-normal, you get what I mean, but my parents don't.

My parents NEVER care, they think my sister is going through stuff, she hardly complains!!! All I can do is text my friend on her school account for her contact info, my parents are out of the topic now, it's over. I might persuade my teacher for stuff, my friend too, dude-so, I can' to my parents, they think I'm ok, this is not the only thing that's going on, since I got permission to the online world, I have learned a lot of horrible things on Google; and my grandparents come to America every year from Pakistan, they can't come because of COVID and I miss them, I even miss my cousin, a lot.

And of course, I miss MY FRIENDS! This is what we are talking about right now! Distance learning sucks, family issues, obvi, my parents don't listen to my problems, they think they're life, like what-ugh, no coffee for an hour!, is depressing. My sister doesn't either, she comes in when I'm studying and complains that I "stole" her toy tiara. More time together in COVID, means more fighting. My teacher is the worst!! She accuses me for things I didn't even do, and gives me bad report cards because of it.

Nothing would've happened if it wasn't for the Coronavirus. So, my parents can't help me, they don't care, right now, all I can do is.

A. Just hangout my friend (on school account), do it by myself, no permission with any adults or anyone else

B. Ask my teacher if I can hang out friend for contact info on school account, try to persuade her, if she says no, then no, if yes, then yes

C. Ask my teacher if I have asked her a lot, then I'll just go for it, idc 

Plz choose one, I did use caps a lot in this note, it's not ur fault, I didn't mean any offense to you, Im so sorry if I did, I'm just frustrated (not at you) but at my parents and teacher etc.

commented Mar 17 by ~Ash~ (89,470 points)
Oh, you remind me of myself so much! Anyways, I guess I’ll pick B.
commented Mar 24 by Pinkglock (330 points)
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answered Mar 16 by Dog lover
Heh don’t worry I am good on the mental list but I may be SUPPER ANOYED with COVID ether way and it sounds like you are upset and just not yourself? I get it! I think you should completely honest with your parents and teacher and your friend too and tell them how you feel about it. Just let yourself get help it won’t be bad unwanted help if you just hope. And yeah COVID SUCKS it is bad so yeah just try to let yourself get helped!


I am sorry luv dog lover
commented Mar 16 by Ada4 (15,560 points)

Wow, I was really waiting for someone to answer this question so thank you so much. I love dogs too! :D; once again, thnx I’ll take the advice 

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