Funny story again *heehee!*

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asked Mar 18 in Other by dog lover
Ok so I went skiing yesterday day and had a great time it was SO fun but I was on the lift going up the hill and was just chillin finally we were at the top of the lift and this guy was just clearing the path and my sister and dad got of and turned but I was just relaxing I think my body was just set on take it a nap or sumthing so this guy who worked there who was shoveling stoped and told the guy controlling the thing to stop and helped me get of the darn thing I was SO released cause there would be NO way off unless I just waited till I was back at the top I was really thankful because I am pretty young luckily my dad said he had just hoped of once when he was stranded but he did it so he actually landed ok but I just hung on for dear life and was fine he said I had been smart not to hop off but my sister disagreed anyway I was fine and so was everyone else so yeah and the rest of the time was great!

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