i am 10,i cant even draw. Like i draw trash do you have a tutorial

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asked Mar 20 in KidzArt by gvcci
i draw like 4 year old

and my friend draws better then me we are the same age
commented Mar 22 by Crystal-Arianator (24,670 points)

Same with me, my drawings are the worst, like-the worst. I wish I had the talent to draw, my 7 year old sister-she knew how to draw before taking art classes, she's amazing at drawing! 

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lol fart

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answered May 20 by Dash201 (290 points)

ok let me give you an awnser. Use these tools, ruler, protractor (even tho its is used for math) and get some tutorials at kidztube. i have a channel in youtube which you can get some( but i didnt upload).bow

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answered Mar 21 by LunaLight (133,490 points)

I learned by looking at screenshots of anime I liked and trying to draw it as close as possible to the picture without tracing. I kept doing that until I learned how to draw the basics, then I used more general anime references and picked and chose what things I did and did not like to draw (for example, I like semi-realistic eyes more than stylized ones), and I combined it. That would be my style. Then I started branching into different styles and types of art, and I kept including that into my style. I still do that. Now, I can draw realism, semi-realism, anime, cartoon, and some chibi*. It just depends on how much time you are willing to spend drawing. If you actually motivate yourself and focus on improving imperfections, you can learn pretty easily. Also- no artist ever stops learning. You improve with every drawing. 


*So a quick explanation of the types I mentioned-

Realism- For realism, making your art so real-looking, it looks like a picture.

Semi-realism- This has different groupings. But I typically do more realistic proportions, while still drawing things anime style. For example, anime eyes, but smaller.

Anime- Your general anime, SAO stuff. A good place to start, it's in the middle of stylization (extra cartoony look) and realism.

Cartoon- Yes, technically anime is also a cartoon, but I mean more along the lines of like, Daria, MLP, Clifford, Littlest Pet Shop, etc. More stylized.

Chibi- Typically just for short comic strips. Super stylized, small body, head the same size as the rest of the body, very little if any shading. Gacha is an example of a chibi.


Two websites that have really good references- (Has references and tutorial guides) (Just references, but really good ones!)

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answered Mar 21 by DOG LOVERS 34523

Another great channel is Draw So Cute they are a great drawing channel and have a lot of different stuff to draw. cupcake 

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answered Mar 21 by AbbyTigerGirl
Watch this Youtube Channel: Art for Kids Hub

It's so fun to draw! Even if you're bad at drawing, art is about fun!

- Love, AbbyTigerGirl

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