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asked Mar 22 in Inspirational by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,870 points)
Hello humans here is a rap on respect (I HAD HELP) inspired by me being disrespected:

I'm Kweku, I live in Ghana,
Check out my room, big closet,
Cool clothes, money to deposit,
If I want it, then I get it, no problem.
Respect me, even if you don’t like me,
Me respect you? Unlikely!
Bring me food, bow down,
Pass the remote right now!
Clean my feet and my crown,
Better obey when I’m around!
Told my sister, hurry now!
No conversation, get out!
Got to leave at three o’clock
To the market in Accra.
My mom says I can't go alone,
But this kid does anything he wants.
Put on a robe and hit the door,
You won’t believe what I saw.
People bumping into me left and right,
Not one apology, that ain't right.
“Hello? Can’t you see me?”
No response, couldn't believe it.
Bought plantain chips for a snack,
Cashier saw my zit and laughed.

When it comes to respect,
Follow the Golden Rule:
Do unto others
As you would have them do unto you.
That means treat people
Like you want to be treated.
Everybody needs it.

I ran back to the condo.
Now I know what it feels like
To be treated with no respect.
It’s really not right, no.
Never again will I make a person
Feel like I’m better than them.
No way!
I know it’s not all about me, it’s a new day.
“Mom, do you need help with the groceries?”
I’ll walk the dog when you’re overseas.
I’ll make eye contact when you talk to me,
I won’t put you down when you talk to me.
I won’t exclude you ’cause community
Is a whole lot better when it’s you and me.
If you need space, I will oblige,
I won’t get in the way, I’ll step to the side.
If I hurt your feelings, I apologize,
And appreciate what’s unique in you and I.

When it comes to respect,
Follow the Golden Rule:
Do unto others
As you would have them do unto you.
That means treat people
Like you want to be treated.
Everybody needs it.

It needs some work I know also on Tuesday March 23 2021 I will be on KN and KT all day.

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answered Mar 23 by ~Ash~ (91,770 points)
This is beautiful
commented Mar 25 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,870 points)
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answered Mar 22 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
I like this one too. I treat everyone with a certain amount of respect when I meet them, and the more I talk to them, the level of respect can waver. If they can earn my trust and can treat me with respect, then my respect for them goes up. If they cannot treat me with respect, or they act immature, then that level lowers. Once my respect for someone gets to 0, I only give them one more chance to gain it back. If they cannot gain it back, or they lose my respect again, I will separate myself from them. It's hard to gain respect after you've lost it. The only reason I give them a second chance is that I know that people make mistakes. Even on here, I have different levels of respect for everyone. For new users, it's about the same. For friends, I have higher levels. Only one person on KT/KN has lost my respect completely, and he knows who he is. Otherwise, I have more or less the same respect for everyone. At least enough to have a conversation. Although, I do have a little less respect for those who post strong opinions under "anonymous" as a name. Not attaching a name or a person too strong opinions seems cowardly to me, and I can't respect that. That said, I still try to respect the person somewhat.
commented Mar 23 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,870 points)
Aww thanks I agree If someone loses my respect then I just wont talk to them its so easy to agree with you
commented Mar 23 by LunaLight (133,340 points)

"it's so easy to agree with you" Lol, not a comment I get often, usually the opposite lol. I've posted debates before, I usually get a ton of backlash lol. I had a debate called "Change My Mind: Confederate Flag" and I got called racist numerous times. Mostly because I believe the confederate flag (technically, the one people call the confederate flag is not even the true Stars and Bars, it's just a battle flag) stands for rebellion, independence, and state rights because that's what it's always stood for. It was a southern battle flag, the rebel flag. It's not racist and has never been. But nope, I show the flag without calling it racist, and look what I'm called lol. By people too cowardly to put anything in the name box (I get it if they are unregistered, but come on, I've posted without my account, you can still put a name). Oh well, I don't care. Technically they also warned me not to show the flag to a black person or say what I said to them. Honey, I ain't gonna withdraw my opinion for anyone, black, white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, martian, whatever. Honestly, if you're getting that offended by a scrap of red and blue fabric, you need a history lesson.

commented Mar 23 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,870 points)
LOL XD "You need a history lesson" LOL

*Laughs so hard almost dies*
commented Mar 23 by ~Ash~ (91,770 points)
Fun fact: It’s an inanimate object, inanimate objects don’t have beliefs, therefore it isn’t racist.
commented Mar 24 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
I'm serious about the history lesson, but still lol

While it is true that a flag, like a table or other things, cannot be racist, it's what it stands for that can be.

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