Homework Help! I can't understand division, and I have a test next week! Free shoutout to those who answer

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asked Mar 22 in Homework Help by animaluver1998

Hi Hi Hi. I haven't posted anything in a while, just that article on peer pressure (long story). So, my teacher keeps giving me an F for all my work on division array models and here's a pic on two of the array models. I thought I had written the right answer, but my teacher marked it as wrong. See?, take a look. 

So, I looked at the array model and she asked me to write the division problem it represents. The trick she taught us was to look at the array model first (DUH!) and count how many little boxes/circles (whatever) were there in total, I counted. See! For both of these models there are 10 boxes in total, now, she asked me to count how many groups there are. Two groups for both! And what she means with groups, is you know there's like a line in the middle that's separating the two groups?, that. And lastly, as you can see, for the first problem, there's no answer filled out, but my Google Drive says that I can edit in like-15 minutes later, so just pretend you see a 5 for both of those answers.

Now for the answer I just had to divide: 10 ÷ 2 = 5, right? She also said if I don't know, I can also just count how many boxes are in each group, there are 5 in each group! Now, I thought I did a wonderful job on this assignment, but the day after, my teacher graded the assignment and gave it back to me so I could work on it again and see my mistake.

But I don't see the mistake! And I'm gonna get an F on my test if I'm not ready, please, please, can someone help me, I'll give you a free shoutout on KidzNet or KidzTalk (btw, you know, I'm actually the girl behind the Media4U project, so if you want a KN shoutout then I'll just use my Media4U account) 

Also, if your like "what?! that's such an easy division model"! and your wondering what grade I'm in, actually,, I know most of the kids here are like what-11, 12, 13, 14, old kids. And just letting you know, you get 5 free shoutouts and a bonus Q&A interview on Media4U if u answer, please, please, just answer!

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answered 6 days ago by Thalia
Your correct that's all O,he got to say
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answered 6 days ago by Unicorn friend (14,310 points)
Hmm I just finished 4th I don't know I'm not meaning to brag I just don't exactly know how to say this I guess I'm just a quick learner and once I learn some thing I kinda always remember it um an easy way for me is what times 2=10 which would be five. Hope this helps also could I get my shout out on  KS and I don't have media4u so I don't need and interview but maybe you could nominate me on pop jam for neon star instead??!
commented 6 days ago by Crystal-Arianator (24,670 points)

Hey so I have two accounts. Animalover and Crystal-Arianator (Formerly known as Ada4) rn I’m logged into Crystal-Arianator. So just letting u know I’m the author of this post. I have PopJam, and I use it everyday (been on PopJam for almost a year now) but I can’t give you a nomination. Why? Well, because you hurt my feelings on that post about my dental surgery (teeth pulling). I would’ve given you one if you didn’t say that and maybe had been careful with what u said.

BTW im finishing 4th grade litterally next week.

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answered Mar 23 by EloquentRacer92
You were correct, the answer is 5. Your teacher must be picky..

(Also I want a KidzNet shoutout because I'm more active on that.)
commented Mar 23 by animaluver1998

Ok. Thanks. Do u want ur free shoutout on KN or KT? How many do u want? And do u want a bonus interview?

commented 6 days ago by Eloquent Racer 92
1. I’m more active now, but still, KN. I’m EloquentRacer92, I’m just logged out.

2. Yeah, I never get shout outs

3. I don’t mind how long, ik u are offline. Also if you see translator, that’s me.
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answered Mar 22 by DOG LOVERS 34523
An easy way to learn division is using big 7/standard here watch this quick video then keep reading . Ok so also you need to know that division is related to multiplication because think about it 7x4=28 right well 28 divided by 7= 4. Last but not least here is a story problem for you to try and solve Kate had 24 coins she wanted to split them into 6 equal groups how many coins in each group?   

The answer is 4 because 6x4=24
commented Mar 23 by animaluver1998

Thanks so much, just like I asked everyone else, do u want ur shoutout to be on KN or KT???? Should i also give u a bonus Media4U interview???

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answered Mar 22 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
You are correct, the answer is 5. I always hated those models too, I was always "But I know the answer, why do I have to do this?" The only possible thing I could see is the teacher being really picky. Basically, the top model shows 10 ÷ 2 = 5 since it is ten, split into two, and you can count the number inside of the grouping of two to be five. The bottom model would be more along the lines of 10 ÷ 5 = 2 because it's ten, put into groups of five, and there are two in each set. That's the only thing I could think of. The division is correct, your teacher is just super picky about how you got to that answer. But that's alright. You'll probably be doing non-model division soon anyway. most times, teachers just introduce it with models for the kids who don't understand as much. At least you weren't the only kid doing multiplication through the lattice method (my mom still doesn't understand that method lol).
commented Mar 23 by animaluver1998

Thanks, below in your comment for RockAlien, I asked you some questions, plz answer them.

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answered Mar 22 by AnimalCrossingFan
I see the mistake :) I'm just in third grade but I was taught division and its very easy. So for the pink squares it was actually 10 divided by 5 = 2.


That's ur mistake. bye bye now!
commented Mar 22 by AnimalCrossingFan
This is the first answer don't forget to give a shout out to me!
commented Mar 23 by anonymous
Actually it’s hard to know who uploaded fist but it could be RocketAlein.
commented Mar 23 by Animaluver1998

Ok thnx, I'll give u a shoutout, on KN or KT?? Do u want a bonus Media4U interview???

commented Mar 23 by AnimalCrossingFan
I dont have KidzNet so u can do KidzTalk :)

I might see it a little late tho

And what do u mean Media4U interview? I guess I want it
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answered Mar 22 by RocketAlein

I may be wrong, but it seems like you are having a hard time learning division in general, not just the figures. 


First you need to understand what division IS. 

When you divide you see a number and then decide  how many other numbers can FIT INSIDE that number. 

For an example if you have 4 divided by 2 basically you need to do 2+2=4.

Imagine you have 25 peaches, and you need to figure out how many buckets with 5 peaches per bucket you can have (how many buckets with 5 peaches in each bucket?) to do this you can count by 5 or add up fives to get to 25. 

We’ll count by fives to start; 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Now, all we have to do is count how many numbers we said (typed) so the answer is 5. That means five divided by twenty-five equals 5 (5/25=5). 

Here are 3 recourses to help you:

This video will help explain what division is with a funny robot:

The KidzSearch wiki page has information on how to divide:

Math mountain is a fun game to practice dividing:

I hope this was helpful!



commented Mar 22 by LunaLight (133,380 points)

While I can see your point, do not do division by addition. While you are doing short division itself, it's alright, but when you start learning square roots and variables, it can really mess you up- or even when you are just doing long division. Division is basically just repeated subtraction or another way to see it is the opposite of multiplication. You talked about the buckets of peaches, which is actually a really good way to put it because it's grouping. I'll bring that to similar examples-

Grouping/Subtraction- Say you have 25 playing cards for a game, and for the game, each of you and the other players (5 players total) need the same number of cards. You are the dealer and play a card to each person, including yourself. That's one. You repeat. That's two. You repeat until you are out of cards. Each player has 5 cards.

Multiplication- So for this, you want to include fact families. I'm sure if you have learned multiplication, you will have seen a multiplication chart. You can find 25 on there, and if you follow the line up, you will reach 5. If you go left, you will also reach 5. This is because 5 x 5 = 25, and 25 ÷ 5 also = 5. 

commented Mar 23 by animaluver1998

Thnx so much, btw how many shoutouts do u want? Do u want it to be on KN or KT? Do you also want a bonus Q&A interview on Media4U page or no? I play Prodigy too!!

commented Mar 23 by Animaluver1998

Thanks so much? How many shoutouts should I give u? KN or KT? And do you want a bonus interview??? It will make u feel like ur famous!!!

commented Mar 23 by LunaLight (133,380 points)
For me,  probably KT, though I don't care much lol, either. As for the interview, sure, why not? Prodigy is fun, I like it quite a bit.

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