Chapter 1 of Aqua Time: The Oceaners

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Chapter 1

Regan Farrow Burrow was a girl of 12, she was a star swimmer, always winning in her races. She lived in San Diego, a town in southern California. At school she was a star student, getting A’s in all her classes and never failing one of them. She loved art, her room was covered with posters of all the famous artists. Her walls were a purple and blue splatter paint and had many pictures or her artwork, sitting right next to a Bob Ross quote that said, “We don't make mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Right now she was at school drawing pictures, listening to music, since somehow she had a super rare ability, a photographic memory. So that meant she didn't need to pay that much attention to school. 

“Regan? Regan?” a voice called, soonly after, she felt a ripping sensation, and her earbuds playing her favorite playlist came right out of her ears. 

“Miss Burrow!” Mr. Greenwald's sharp voice said

“Do you think you are too smart to learn this new information?”

“No.” Regan said trying to hide between her waist length brown hair, she closed her eyes, trying to hide the embarrassment. 

“Then why don't you tell me what we are learning about?”

The answer tickled her brain and finally it came to her,

“We were learning about how the planets stay in their spot and don't float off into space.”

Mr. Greenwald scowled and dismissed the class. Regan got her books and rushed to swim class. When she was running down the halls she bumped into her best friend Kennedy Walsh, who also had a photographic memory, and both of their books fell to the floor. 

“Oh! I am so sorry!”

“Oh it's fine.” Kennedy replied, picking her books up. 

“What class are you going to?” Regan asked 

“ Oh, I think I have Social Studies next, then swim!”

“Aww, I wish we had swim at the same time.”

“Yeah, me too, let me check my schedule just to make sure.” Kennedy dug through her bag and pulled out a piece of paper. She looked at it and Regan watched her face turn into a smile

“I was wrong! I have to swim now!”


The girls ran in the direction of the pool, talking.


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Good job!

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