My first post in months/ A new idea

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asked Mar 27 in Technology by Me and my ideas
So on, I have created a new idea called "Solar Powered Jetpack" and you can see how it works and stuff on the website. I specifically created the invention for something more important, since I have an idea with 3D modeling and the idea is "We can make a really big 3D modeller, put the material of another 3D modeller in it to create another 3D modeller which everybody would have for free and those 3D modellers would finally make different types of 3D modellers so you can make "almost" anything you want! see how I put quotes on almost? that's because I want people to be able to see into the future/past*depending on your invention* without changing it and specifically seeing the future with what they make with the 3D modeller to see if what they made with it needs to be edited on Tinkercad or if its so bad that they need to delete their creation entirely. And to see the future you can somewhat go into space to see the future from an "Infographics show" video called "Can aliens see dinosaurs from space?" and the answer to that video is yes but aliens cannot see it and the light to see dinosaurs is somewhere in space. So I have an idea for seeing the future. "we can google glasses and since the opposite of the past is the future the google glasses will show the future in space" to get to space that's where my jetpack idea comes in. *by the way if you don't know what google glasses are please look them up on Wikepedia* Well anyways thanks for reading this and bye bye :)

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answered Mar 31 by ~Ash~ (88,530 points)
Interesting :D
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answered Mar 31 by Me
Please link to that.
commented Apr 1 by JKZ
Yes, please
commented Apr 1 by Welp-O-Matic!
Yes, that would be helpful. I’d like to see!

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